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Who deserves the EYE of Rotterdam?
(illustrated version on http://www.why-rotterdam.tk)

Rotterdam– One again it is time for Rotterdammers to suggest candidates who
they feel 
have “contributed to the safety and liveability in Rotterdam”. “Do you know
a Rotterdammer 
who has an EYE for the safety of others” and is willing to “step in when it
is necessary?” 

The annual “OOG van Rotterdam”, is essentially a surreal trophy from the
current right-wing 
municipal government which rewards citizens whose actions correspond to
their repressive 
safety agenda, an award which takes the sculptured (plastic?) form of an eye
in a pyramid. 
(see attachment)

I believe those kids at Berkeley weren’t kidding and there is an Illuminati
but I don’t believe 
that they are in Rotterdam City Hall. Giving out an “eye in a pyramid” could
be the product 
of just never having read Robert Anton Wilson masterpiece or getting lost in
the labyrinth of 
conspiracy sites. But who knows what is possible these days. For those of
you who haven’t 
been here (or those who just haven’t noticed), Rotterdam has mutated into a
Dutch and 
European case study city for increased control measures in public space and
strategies to manufacture consent amongst the citizens. Recent tactics have
included the 
problemzone decrees, legitimization of random police razzias and
omnipresent security cameras and guards, intervention teams who make
searches for illegal activities in the broadest sense and a new deportation
prison at the 
Rotterdam Airport. 

“Making a city safer is not only the job of the police or the city
supervisors in the tram and 
the metro. Everyone is involved: all 600,000 Rotterdammers. ‘Together, we
are making 
Rotterdam safer.’” 
SOURCE: EYE 2004 brochure 

The Eye of Rotterdam, now in it's third year, is a more grassroots approach
stimulating and 
celebrating the neighbourhood watch and Stasi potentials in citizens. Tips
from nosey 
neighbours have always been effective in enforcing the desired social order
and is highly 
encouraged by this municipality through glossy posters & brochures and
anonymous online 
complaint formulas. 

Posting the propaganda from last year’s Eye of Rotterdam on David Icke’s
overloaded our server with hits and downloads. But feeding the New World
Order apetites 
of conspiracy lovers around the world has a limited effect locally. This
year, I would like to 
take some more effective action and personally nominate (and hereby promote)
whose actions reflect more subjective socio-political norms and values. 

I nominate Supervision 3000 for the 2004 Oog van Rotterdam. 

Keeping credible within the criteria of the award, this Rotterdam artist
collective really had 
“an eye for safety” and stepped in when it was necessary. Their
Septemberactie responded 
to the government’s declaration that “more blue on the street” (control,
police) would ensure a greater feeling of safety in the city. Confronting
public perception of 
this authority codification and behaviour, the agents of Supervision 3000
simply wore blue 
shirts, walked slowly, watched inanimate objects suspiciously and wrote
reports of what 
they found annoying (overlastgevende) in Rotterdam. 

HOLLAND IST DADA —Kurt Schwitters 1922 

Whether this award has anything to do with “Illuminati” activities in
Rotterdam or not, I find 
it only appropriate to respond to such a Dadaistic request by the Rotterdam
government by 
trying to subvert the underlying Stasi-esque consequences it is encouraging.
I hope that 
others will also take this opportunity and nominate Supervision 3000 or some
individuals critical of the current situation in Rotterdam. Otherwise... 

“In 2006, there will be no unsafe places anymore in Rotterdam.” 
SOURCE: Rotterdam City Council CollegeProgramma “Het nieuwe elan van
Rotterdam—en zo 
gaan we dat doen” 2002-2006, 26 sept. 2002

You can read the OOG van Rotterdam description (in Dutch only) and also vote
for your 
candidate on the Rotterdam City Council's website. 

“Searching for candiates for Eye of
“Aanmeldformulier Oog van


Ewige Blumenkraft, Ewige Schengenkraft. 

— Igor Kempinski 


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