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[Nettime-nl] Impakt Festival Highlights available for screening (KO)

The Impakt Festival is an international festival for innovative 
audiovisual arts. The 14th edition was organized from June 3 to 9, 
2003 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The 
Highlights of this festival are now available for screening.

More information, screening fee and bookings, please contact Arjon Dunnewind: / tel. 00 31  30 2944493

Impakt Festival 2003

The program contains fourteen of the best works from the Impakt 
Festival 2003, that took place from June 3 till June 9.  The Impakt 
Festival is an annual showcase for innovation and cross-over in 
audiovisual arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Most of the selected 
works were part of the Panorama the program in wich we give an 
overview of the most remarkable and idiosyncratic films and videos 
that have been produced in the past year.  Also some works from the 
special programs have been selected. The selection contains outspoken 
political pamflets, extravagant videoclips, absurd realism and 
extraterrestrial observations.
The Impakt Highlights 2003 is a state of the art selection of 
nowadays alternative visual culture.

Emerge (2003)
video / 00:03:00 / USA / 2003
Fischerspooner is the figurehead of the electroclash movement. Their 
performances, a rarity due to the exorbitant costs, are extravagant 
and overall presentations. Emerge (2003) is the clip to the song that 
brought them fame.

Breakfast in Despair
Eunjung Hwang
video / 00:03:05 / USA / 2002
Breakfast - elevator - devil - theater - murder - breakfast. The 
world as a chain reaction.

White America
Guerrilla News Network
video / 00:4:00 / USA / 2002
Web based video GNN made for Eminem. Received volumnous downloads and 
tons of controversy.

Martha Colburn
16mm / 00:09:00 / The Netherlands / 2002
A paralyzing peek into the underworld. Bubbling with sexy skeletons 
and dancing demons.

Seeing Bush Through the Trees
Jan van Nuenen
video / 00:02:00 / The Netherlands / 2002
Logos of infamous multinationals form a psychedelic portrait of the 
even more infamous G.W. Bush.

Rob Kennedy, Cathode
video / 00:04:57 / United Kingdom / 2002
The audio output is sent to the video input. In between this space 
the mixing desk controls the dance of light and shadow on the screen.

Bernard Gigounon
video / 00:06:00 / Belgium / 2002
Gigounon shows that alien objects landed on earth ages ago and that 
we do not even have to look that hard to find them.

Martijn Veldhoen
video / 00:05:50 / The Netherlands / 2003
In 'Momentum', we as the viewers are being taken in one slow movement 
through a chain of spaces. By acquiring the ability to take spatial 
barriers without any difficulty, it seems we are losing our physical 

Het  Brandende Bruidje (The Burning Bride)
Eveline Ketterings (
35mm / 00:04:00 / The Netherlands / 2003
A one shot movie documenting a performance of a jumping  girl in Hong 
Kong. She is very persistent - but why?

StÚphane Levallois
35mm / 00:02:34 / France / 2002
An unusual strip-tease metamorphosis.

Security Anthem
Kent Lambert
video / 00:03:30 / USA / 2003
An ode to flowers, fear, potatoes, and paranoia, with a special 
appearance by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft

Homeland Hodown
Jason Archer, Paul Beck (
animation / 00:04:20 / USA / 2003
Waking Life animators Jason Archer and Paul Beck bring us part 2 of 
the 3 part Dubya series.

The Oral Thing
Bj°rn Melhus
video / 00:09:00 / Germany / 2001
In "The Oral Thing" Bj÷rn Melhus uses subversive irony to lay bare 
the mechanisms and communicative structures of popular TV 

Air Square
Marcus J. Carney
35mm / 00:08:15 / Austria / 2002
The ultimate preflight safety instruction. AIR SQUARE is straight, 
earnest and square. AIR SQUARE has the best looking flight attendants 
in the industry. But most importantly: AIR SQUARE is proud to be 

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