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[Nettime-nl] Uitnodiging dinsdagmiddag 2-9 Howard RheinGold - Smartmobs

Presentatie:  H. Rheingold -SMARTMOBS
Datum:         Dinsdag 2 september 03
Tijd:              14.00 uur
Lokatie;        Theatrum Anatomicum- Waag Society
Reserveren!   floor@waag.org

Howard Rheingold gaat dinsdagmiddag tijdens een gesprek olv Marleen Stikker 
in op zijn boek Smartmobs-  De discussie is informeel opgezet (beperkt 
aantal stoelen) dus graag reserveren .

Onderstaande Engelse tekst is een korte samenvatting van zijn boek.

Title:  "Smart Mobs: Mobile Communication, Pervasive Computing, and 
Collective Action"

Short abstract:
Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify 
human talents for cooperation. The impacts of smart mob technology already 
appear to be both beneficial and destructive, used by some of its earliest 
adopters to support democracy and by others to coordinate terrorist attacks.

The technologies that make smart mobs possible are mobile communication 
devices and pervasive computing - inexpensive microprocessors embedded in 
everyday objects and environments. Already, governments have fallen, youth 
subcultures have blossomed from Asia to Scandinavia, new industries have 
been born and older industries have launched furious counterattacks.

Street demonstrators in the 1999 anti-WTO protests used dynamically updated 
websites, cell-phones, and "swarming" tactics in the "battle of Seattle." A 
million Filipinos toppled President Estrada through public demonstrations 
organized through salvos of text messages.

The pieces of the puzzle are all around us now, but haven't joined together 
yet. The radio chips designed to replace barcodes on manufactured objects 
are part of it. Wireless Internet nodes in cafes, hotels, and neighborhoods 
are part of it. Millions of people who lend their computers to the search 
for extraterrestrial intelligence are part of it. The way buyers and 
sellers rate each other on Internet auction site eBay is part of it. 
Research by biologists, sociologists, and economists into the nature of 
cooperation offer explanatory frameworks.

The people who make up smart mobs cooperate in ways never before possible 
because they carry devices that possess both communication and computing 
capabilities. Their mobile devices connect them with other information 
devices in the environment as well as with other people's telephones. 
Dirt-cheap microprocessors embedded in everything from box tops to shoes 
are beginning to permeate furniture, buildings, neighborhoods, products 
with invisible intercommunicating smartifacts. When they connect the 
tangible objects and places of our daily lives with the Internet, handheld 
communication media could mutate into wearable remote control devices for 
the physical world.

Media cartels and government agencies are seeking to reimpose the regime of 
the broadcast era in which the customers of technology will be deprived of 
the power to create and left only with the power to consume. That power 
struggle is what the battles over file-sharing, copy-protection, regulation 
of the radio spectrum are about. Are the citizens of tomorrow going to be 
users, like the PC owners and website creators who turned technology to 
widespread innovation? Or will they be consumers, constrained from 
innovation and locked into the technology and business models of entrenched 

Howard Rheingold <http://www.rheingold.com> is the author of:
Smart Mobs <http://www.smartmobs.com>
The Virtual Community <http://www.rheingold.com/texts/tft/>
Tools for Thought <http://www.rheingold.com/texts/tft/vc/book>

was the editor of:
The Whole Earth Review
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
HotWired  <http://www.hotwired.com>

Electric Minds <http://www.abbedon.com/electricminds/html/home.html>
Brainstorms <http://www.rheingold.com/community.html>

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