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[Nettime-nl] ONLINE course

Media Interactions: Film, Video, and Digital NCOM3040
The New School University/ NYC http://www.newschool.edu
ONLINE COURSE 9 weeks beg. September 15 
Register: http://www.nsu.newschool.edu/ >>communications
Instructor: laurie halsey brown:http://www.movinginplace.net   
Students are introduced to the past, present, and future of media and how the relationship between video, film, and digital media are understood in the context of contemporary society. The theory and historical practice of these mediums are discussed, with an emphasis on their connection to society through the lens of global "pop culture." Class is discussion and research based: students view media (video, television, film, net.art) and post short essays for discussion. Final work may be a Web project or term paper. (3.0 credits) 

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