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[Nettime-nl] uitnodiging 17-8-03 Performance 'sister O: electrik theatrik operation'

Titel:                      Sister O - Electrik theatrik Operation - een 
project van Nancy Mauro Flude
Datum:              Zondag 17 Augustus 8.00- 16.00 uur
Lokatie:                   Theatrum Anatomicum - Waag Society
Informatie/reserveringen:  floor@waag.org
URL;   http://connected.waag.org    www.toydeath.com/sistero

Nancy Mauro Flude presenteert as zondag 17 augustus het Sister O -project 
in het Theatrum Anatomicum. Het afgelopen jaar heeft Nancy bij DasArts dit 
project ontwikkeld samen met Michelle Teran en Waag Society. De performance 
is tot stand gekomen binnen het Connected!-programma van Waag Society- met 
ondersteuning van het Hgis-cultuur programma en de Australian Council.

Engelse beschrijving:

sister O re-codes her-selves in an electronic theatre of Operations that 
exists somewhere between the physical and the virtual. By synthesizing 
text, sound, light, ephemeral objects, sister O investigates how the body 
is susceptible to various kinds of conducts. Networks will not mobilize 
until unspoken, subjugated knowledge's have been brought to light from the 
underwater data base, and opened to the elements of an electrik-theatrik 

A major part of nancy mauro-flude's research of merging digital and 
analogue technologies is the form of an 'electrik-theatrik Operation' this 
will be realised in various stages; first it will take place in the street 
zone around, and inside the Theatrum Anatomicm at Waag Society for new and 
old Media in Amsterdam, on the 17th of August, with a station also hosted 
by Artspace in Sydney, Australia. This is the first series of public 
manifestations by sister O, which a recent Open-rehearsal was held in 
Colombia at the Colombo Cultural institute.

It's conception has since involved a research period at the Society for 
Ethno-medicine in south Colombia, at Waag Society for New and Old Media, 
Sensing Presence lab, where translocal meetings in a KeyWorx environment 
between nancy mauro-flude, Linda Dement and Michelle Teran took place. This 
is a DasArts: Field Work Project. Mentored by Michelle Teran.

Order of Actions: sister O electrik-theatrik Operation

track 1 gold dust

8am - 9.15 am Amsterdam
- sister O appears in Nieuwmarkt square
- sister O distributes text

4pm - 5.15pmSydney
- sister O distributes text outside in the streets of Artspace

track 2 tasmania/iamsatan
9.15am-10.30pm Amsterdam

action 1
-sister O spirals up into the castle
-sister O uncovers the underwater database
action 2
-sister O sound resonates cellular net work
-sister O re-codes beer cans
-sister O dances in the underwater data base

5.15pm- 6.30pmSydney
action 1

-sister O uncovers the underwater database
-sister O sound resonates cellular net work
action 2
-sister O re-codes beer cans

track 3 the urban electric castle
10.30am-11.45am Amsterdam
-sister O vibrates and receives messages from underwater data base
6.30pm - 7.45pm Sydney
-sister O dances in the underwater database
-sister O knitting

track 4 lagoona-negro
11.45am -1.00pmAmsterdam
-sister O reconstructs data base
-sister O's in conversation
7.45 pm - 9.00pmSydney
-sister O's in conversation

Track 5 - marionette electron world
1.00 pm -2.15pmAmsterdam
-sister O's have a cigarette at cafe Latei
-dances random tango in the square

9.00pm - 10.15pmSydney
-sister O's have a cigarette at Harry's cafe de wheels

Track 6 - old wild red tobacco flower

action 1
sister O reconstructs underwater database

action 2
sister O releases the clown

10.15- 11.30 Sydney
action 1
sister O reconstructs underwater database

action 2
sister O releases the clown

action 3
sister O assembles a light seeking robot

Track 7 - insect gerl
(3.30-4.00) Amsterdam
sister O transforms isabelle into insect gerl

(11.30- 12 midnight) Sydney
sister O transforms isabelle into insect gerl


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