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Re: [Nettime-nl] nettime: American Action Market

From: "nettime's_market_analyst" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 5:09 PM
Subject: <nettime> admin note: goofy WiReD reporters sniping at leftists[1]

on monday, WiReD news reported[2] that the American Action Market[3]
'was organized on Nettime, a politics and culture mailing list.' it
wasn't, of course. but democracy now! was hot on the trail, wanting 
to know more, and 40 people subscribed to the list -- an unparallel-
ed number for any day, let alone a day in august. such is the logic
of futures markets. 

technically speaking, there are now 2267 people on nettime-l and 622
on nettime-l-digest, and if we used a system to unsub addresses when
their mailboxes overflowed -- a late-summer hobby -- there would be 
x>50 less. !technically speaking, if we could get it together to or-
ganize something like AAM (for now, a mainly vaporous website), we'd 
be more like ye olde nettime. so, for the newcomers:

WiReD also quoted 'bob forsythe, a university of iowa professor who 
helped organize the iowa electronic markets,' as asking (in a tour-
de-force of awkward syntax), 'who are the informed traders in an as-
sassination market, for example? the same's true for predicting the 
white House.' i'm skeptical that the other controversial project em-
anating from poindexter at DARPA, the '(total|terrorist) information
awareness' proposal, would have been able to connect contributors to
a mailing list with a false statement made in WiReD article with an
activist response to the moral panic following the proposal for the
'policy analysis market,' but plain-old bad HUMINT might be able to. 



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