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[Nettime-nl] International Immobility Biennale Rotterdam

Celebrate Immobility at the Zestienhoven Deportation Prison Installation at
Rotterdam Airport. Since June 
27 2003, the new CONTAINER CITY has been opened to efficiently deport
ILLEGAL ALIENS (people who 
could not get a Dutch residency Permit) and EXHAUSTED ASYLUM SEEKERS.

A Room with no View

SERVICE ! Via Rotterdam Interventieteams and Police Razzias the visitors are
personally escorted directly 
from their home to one of the 200 cells (shared accomodation).

SAFE AND EFFICIENT ! Containers are 24 HR secure with BARRED WINDOWS,
hedges, fences and A 

FREE FUN ! For a maximumof 28 days, visitors play traditional Dutch board
games such as “Mens erger je 
niet” (Man, don't be mad) and watch TV until their free flight back to their
country of origin!

Rotterdam, The City of Architecture - always on the cutting edge of design.
ZESTIENHOVEN is the debut 
site of this government sponsored deportation attraction. Visit yet another
showcase of efficient Dutch 
Architecture TODAY!

Do you have reservations?

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