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[Nettime-nl] opening presentation ┤streaming videoserver┤, Saturday 2nd August, 21:00hrs, Smart Project Space

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 427 5951  

Presentation of our new streaming videoserver, which was developed by Yariv Alter Fin and Peter Koster in association with Driebit.

Opening Saturday 2nd August, 21.00 hrs. 

After party with dj Kodi (Amsterdam) & DIN-ST aka dj Maxximus (Berlin)

Exhibition open from 3rd until 24th August 2003.

SMART Project Space presents their new streaming video server that is being developed as a web cast channel for video art and art cinema, with changing programs and an on-line collection. An installation presenting the video server has been designed by Customr (Hugo Timmermans & Willem van der Sluis).  In conjunction, two screening rooms will present a selection of video works that are available on-line. The server hosts works which have been broadcast in the SMART Television programs and/or shown in the screening and exhibition programs of SMART Project Space.


The server can be accessed through our website which has existed for three years. It will be integrated in the new Flash site that is currently under construction.

To guarantee the highest speed and resolution available, the video server (a storage and two streaming servers) is placed on the backbone of the internet. To make the works accessible to a wide on-line audience, the videos are available for different platforms and in different bandwidths.


In order to protect the copyright of the artist, we have developed the server in a manner that makes it possible for the viewer to watch the streams, but impossible to download works from the site. 

After this first phase, in which a large collection of works will be made available on our website, the second phase will provide collaborating artist's access to our server, enabling them to upload and stream video works from the SMART Server to their own website or homepage. A basic SMART Homepage with a user friendly interface will be provided for those artists who don't yet have an internet presence.


In this manner we wish to develop the SMART Server not only as a web cast channel and on-line collection of video art and art-cinema, but as a portal giving access to and connecting the sites of a selected group of video artists.


The SMART Video server has been made possible with special funding from the Mondrian Foundation and the City of Amsterdam.

Sponsored by: Gemeente Amsterdam, Mentrum, Mondriaan Stichting, Brand Bier, Beam Systems, OcÚ, Lensvelt.

for further information please contact 

SMART Project Space |
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