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[Nettime-nl] paper on Nettime

Hi Nettime

I am a Brazilian doing PhD in Barcelona. At the moment I am writing a paper 
on multiculturalism in virtual communities in Internet. And, in that, I am 
doing a small case study of Nettime. I have talked already with Felix Stalder 
about Nettime English and I would appreciate a lot if you could collaborate 
answering me some question on Nettime Dutch participants. 

- How many subscribers you have for the Dutch Nettime?

- From those who subscribe do you know how many of them send 

- Do you thing Dutch Nettime generates community? If yes, how would you 
describe this community?

- Do participants meet outside the net? Do they know each other in the 
physical world?

- Could you tell me what is the criteria you used to moderate the emails?

- Regarding the moderation, do you select a lot the mails or it is mainly 
spams and mails out of the subject that you reject?

- Is there a specific person (and email) that I should be talking to? Or can 
you answer my questions?

Thanks a lot 
Karla Schuch Brunet

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