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[Nettime-nl] Filmmakers present: Tuesday 10 & 24 june, 20:00 hrs. Smart Cinema

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 427 5951  
Tuesday June 10 and June 24, 20.00 hrs. Smart Project Space presents:

A series in which film- and video makers present their work.

Tuesday June 10, 20.00

Filmmaker, producer and artist Gerard Holthuis creates films and installations in which he intuitively combines images, atmosphere and colours to evoke a world of recognizable images made unfamiliar. His films are made without predetermined scripts, lack narrative with a clear beginning, middle and end, but are always guided by an intuitive registration of what the filmmaker perceives. 

- Hong Kong (HKG) (1998/35 mm/13 min/b-w) In 1998 Kai Tak airport in the middle of Hong Kong was closed. Approaching Kai Tak was a unique experience for the passengers. "One could read the newspapers in the street" one passenger exclaimed. This is a film about the approach and the passing by of the airplanes in the middle of a city. An observation at the end of the 20th century.
- The West (SFO) (2000/ 35 mm/10 min./b-w) A "road movie" in the desserts of California, Arizona and Utah
- City at Night (AMS) (2000/35 mm/9 min./b-w) A thriller without a storyline and a portrait of a city at night. The audience makes a trip on a boat through the canals of The Hague. A city almost deserted.

Erik Wesselo makes films that are marked by a clear beginning and end, but in between everything stays the same. Wesselo uses film, the medium of the moving image,  to bring time to a standstill. For the duration of the film he tries to capture the viewer with this one image. The tragic moment in these films overlap with its liberating potential.

- Oil (2001, 16 mm, 28 min. 10) records a performative in which the artist and his friend are engaged in a monotonous and backbreaking task of loading a shipping container with boxes of oil. The film ends when the container is full and the actors no longer have a performance space. While resembling the performative durational films of structuralist 70's cinema, the action is also an illusion as the piece has been edited in the continuity style of classical Hollywood cinema. Slowly it becomes clear that the time depicted in the film is fictional, the edits elide labour in the creation of an effortless and assimilable 'seamless' reality, connecting this rigorous conceptual project to the narrative tradition. 

Tuesday June 24, 20.00

Artists duo A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy work with video, videostills, photography and text. Their work usually consists of narratives in image and texts in which form and the relations between image and text recall reminiscences of the photo novel, while the content refers to docudrama's and television soaps. 

- Too much reality (2003, DV, 28 min.) Video from an installation with the same title. A group of friends each spend one night alone in a beach hut somewhere in South East Asia that is believed to bring bad luck. Unexpected things happen with the group. Is it caused by the hut, or by alcohol and drugs abuse?
- Copper Fusion (2001, DV, 9 min. 40) An interpretation of the film "Paris Chic" by Andrew Blake. A woman's account, told in 12 short scenes, remembering another woman's attempt to create a doppelganger, clone of herself.
- Me, Martin & I (2001, DV, 13 min.) A single screen video installation in which a Dutch woman revisits her spiritual home (Thailand) and narrates a series of her own experiences. As the story unfolds, the true nature of her testimony is brought into question. 

Marc Schmidt will present a collection of his short films that focus on the small secrets of modern life, observed with great eye for detail while lacking any judgement. Currently the filmmaker has turned away from making short films and is preparing several documentary films.

-Slow Start (2002/ DV/ 7 min.) About boys, girls and scooters in the Maasvlakte. 
-Baby Baby Sunmobiel  (2000/ 16mm/ 5 min.) About crying on bed, a baby phone and a mother under a solarium.
-Polder (1999/ 16mm/ 6 min.) About the Flevopolder, traffic poles and handicapped.
-Kom (1998/ 16mm/ 2 min.) About the life of a thee cup.

Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro
For information please contact Alice Smits

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