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[Nettime-nl] FW: t u e s d a y s e r i e s p r e s e n t s R O B E RT A R N O L D

03 June 2003
Visiting filmmaker
USA 1983-2003, approx 90╣, 20:30, 4 euro

A renown filmmaker, video artist and professor at Boston University, Robert
Arnold has produced several award winning short films and videos.
îMorphology of Desire╣, his most known piece uses morphing to bring romance
book covers to life. The transition from one book cover to another heightens
the presence of the gaze while the heroine pivots and turns: seduces. She
knows she is being watched. This piece like his other work is preoccupied
with the still and the moving image, their relationship to space and time
perception. Robert Arnold will talk about these themes and present the films
as well as answer questions from the audience at the Filmhuis Cavia on 3rd
of June.

Four Movements for Double-Eight Camera, 1983, 4:00
Travelogue, 1991, 12:00
The Morphology of Desire, 1998, 5:45
Triptych, 2000, 10:00
Echolalia, 2003, 2:45
Zeno's Paradox, 2003, 5:00

please note that this screenings is held at cavia and not at the ot301

THE TUESDAY SERIES is a part of the academie cinema program at the OT301
[former film academy], which arranges weekly screenings of non-fiction
films. The program consists mostly of documentaries of all kinds, although
some of the films shown defy such categorization. Generally the emphasis is
on the cinematic and the political.

As the OT301 is in the midst of renovations and therefore closed for the
public, we have kindly been offered a refuge at the Cavia cinema, where the
screenings will be held for the time being
van hallstraat 52

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