John Grech on Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:21:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] amnesty international petitie

Goeie dag allemaal,

denk ik dat deze petitie is belangrijk voor jullie to gezein... 

tot zeins

john grech

>----- Forwarded by Dan Jones/UK/Amnesty International on 24/09/2002 14:45 
>Nora Cranston 
>24/09/2002 14:01 
>        To:     All Users 
>        cc:     Nora Cranston/UK/Amnesty International@UK 
>        Subject:        ***From 10 to 2000 in 5 minutes!!  Please cut, 
paste and forward this to 
>10 email contacts you haven't sent it to as yet.  More if you can. 
>Oppose immunity to International Criminal Court jurisdiction over 
>genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.  Please sign Amnesty's 
>online petition now. Please forward. 
>Dear AIUK colleagues 
>I'm sending this to all users which is about 200 people. 
>We need to get this petition out to as many contacts and email lists as 
>possible.  Please send it to your email lists if you haven't.  Please 
>don't forget to forward it to friends and family and ask them to do the 
>To help us monitor where this petition has been sent to please email 
>  to confirm how many contacts you have sent 
>this to (and type of list if appropriate) (thanks Farshid, no need to 
>action again)... this is so we can monitor how rapidly/effectively AIUK 
>has got this email out. 
>Dear friends 
>Defend the International Criminal Court  Please take action now.  Please 
feel free to forward. 
>Apologies for the short notice but we need you to show your support for 
>the International Criminal Court NOW if you are able to by signing our 
>on-line petition and forwarding this email to friends and other contacts 
>to encourage them to show their support.  All signatures received by this 
Friday, 27 September, will be forwarded to 
>EU leaders before the forthcoming meeting of EU foreign ministers. So 
please encourage everyone you know to sign up this week. 
>Please act now to help protect the ICC. SIGN THE ON-LINE PETITION AT 
>The ICC will investigate and prosecute people accused of genocide, crimes 
>against humanity and war crimes. The USA is attacking this new system of 
>international justice by pressing states around the world to enter into 
>impunity agreements not to surrender US nationals to the ICC. In many 
>cases the US government is threatening to withdraw military assistance 
>from countries that will not agree. Such agreements are unlawful under 
>international law. They threaten to undermine international efforts to 
>stop criminals ever again planning and committing the worst crimes known 
>to humanity. Join Amnesty International members and sign the petition 
>below, urging all governments not to enter into these impunity 
>agreements. Amnesty International will present the signatures to 
>governments around the world, and signatures received by 27 September 
>2002 will be forwarded to European Union (EU) political leaders in 
>advance of a forthcoming meeting of EU foreign ministers. 
>Please take action today and sign Amnesty International's on-line 
>petition.  It is important that you take action now... 
>Thank you for your support in defence of the International Criminal Court 
>Nora Cranston 
>Outreach Campaigner 
>Journalists Network, LGBT Network, Medical Network 
>Amnesty International UK 
>tel: +44 (0) 20 7 417 6370   fax: + 44 (0) 20 7 713 0190 

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