Eveline Lubbers on Mon, 23 Sep 2002 14:09:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Deze post viste ik uit het spamfilter dat
xs4all.nl voor al haar abo's heeft ingesteld
(dank, dank, veel dank)

Ik vond dit wel een erg leuke en bovendien
aktuele en politieke variant op alle larmoyante
mailtjes die de hedendaagse emailer krijgt...

Rekruteringspoging van Bin Laden??
complete headers staan onderaan

Abdullahi Ibrahim
Shamal Kurdufan;Sudan

To whom it may concern,

you may be surprised to receive this letter from me
since you don't know me personally.
To be precise I am Ittai Eyal; I was until 13/12/2001
quite a high-ranking intelligence officer
In the Israeli army. All through my years of service
which started sometime in March 1986 I
Have totally supported the fight against the
Palestinians (who most unfortunately I didnít know
Where my true brothers). I have even drawn some
operations targeted at them, I referred to them
As sons of dogs and saw them as total enemies.

But recent events, which I am going to fill you on has
radically, changed my life. I was supposedly born
As a single child into a family of three, anyway so I
was made to believe. In all my life I had never
Ever thought that I could possibly be a Palestinian
until my supposed mother made a heart
Rending confession about my true ancestry. She told I
was adopted from a Palestinian widow in the year 1965
when I was just 2 years old, I was the last in family
of 7 children. My supposed mother said she adopted me
because they (she and my supposed father who has
passed on) couldnít have kids of their own. They left
Jenin immediately and never maintained any contact
with true family.
She revealed all this to me in her
sick bed just before she died. Ever since I have been
trying to make contact with my real family with the
vague description she gave me but they seem to have
vanished, this coupled with the tension in the area
made it impossible.

All these happened on the 14th of October 2001 and
till this day Iím still living with a colossal feeling
of guilt and trauma, I went as far as contemplating
suicide but I realized Iíll be more important alive
than dead. Since that tragic day I have been downcast.
My job was also in its worst state, how could I want it
knowing that I am fighting against my own people. I
began to scheme against the army; this led to my AWOL
on the 13th of December. Before leaving I had the
equivalent of about $74,000,000 in my custody which I
was signatory to. This fund was to be used for various
research and developmental operations in the military.
I secured the fund and was able to surreptitiously
transfer about $64,000,000 to the Netherlands where I
had some business contacts. This amount is now under
the care of a trusted legal firm over there, Iím now
in the governments most wanted list, they even went as
far as interrogating my business associates in the
Netherlands all in the hope of knowing my whereabouts.

My associates donít know my location, I made sure of
that and that was the reason I put the money in the
charge of a legal firm, they maintain close contact
with the separate bankers I lodged the fund with.
Presently Iím somewhere in Sudan in Africa studying my
true religion, Islam. Iím now a devotee because I have
been disillusioned; the people are nice to me and are
ready to forgive me of my complications in the Israeli
terror against the Palestineís. Iím now know as
Abdullahi Ibraham and I cherish the name a lot more
than gold.

Since I arrived the Sudan all I think of is to restore
my dignity and perhaps make some restitutionís to this
great religion of ours, Islam, a religion I once
persecuted, may almighty Allah forgive me.
I intend giving out the money I got from the
persecutors themselves to support Islam in any little
way I can. Brothers I heard about your credible works
and was able to get your contact information through
Islamic online network.
I have made some donations to some mosques and Islamic
organizations here in the Sudan from the little amount
I was able to bring along with me.

Brothers if you have a worthy course or project for
the growth and good of Islam presently, please donít
hesitate to contact me immediately for all I live for
now is for our betterment and the right pride of place
in the world. Iíll also request for prayers from you
for the forgiveness of my past sins and also for my
wife and children who are emotionally tortured for
something they know nothing about.

I wish you and your entire family Allahís blessing.

Your brother in Islam
Abdullahi Ibrahim.

Ps. You can forward this mail to any other Islamic
organization that could be in dire need of help and
also a group that is genuinely involved in the
Palestinian struggle. Thanks

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