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[Nettime-nl] Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Radio - Debate: Migration andIllegality

Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Radio

Live stream:

Saturday 21 September, 18.00-21.00 GMT+1
----Debate: Migration and Illegality

How can illegal people tell thier own stories while still remaining "invisible"
to the authorities? And what can be done against the systems in society,
politics and the media society, used to catagorize and register people?  A
panel including Paul Keller [ExpertBase], Roshini Kempadoo [Virtual Exiles],
Yehudi van de Pol [Baobab Connections] alongside representatives of local
migrant groups, will address these questions with the participation of a public
audience. Included will be a screening of Joost Bohnen's video "Suffer", which
follows the life of Mauritanian immigrant Ibrahim. A live phone-in line and
internet chat room will allow for extended public participation in the debate.
Moderator: Menno Grootveld.

Live Simulcast on:

Radio 100, Amsterdam:
---ether: 99.3 FM

RAZO [SALTO Radio Zuidoost], Amsterdam Zuidoost:
---ether: 105.2 FM
---cable: 103.8 FM

Live Phone-In: +31 (0)20 489 48 66
Live Chat:  -or-  channel= #n5m

Live stream:
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Virtual Exiles:
Next 5 Minutes:

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