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[Nettime-nl] Invitation Killerclub Dark Fiber 30 sept.02

DARK FIBER Tracking Critical Internet Culture
Geert Lovink
3O September 2002 -17.00 o' clock

Waag Society invites you to join the Dutch Launch of Geert Lovink's Dark
Fiber in the Theatrum Anatomicum.

According to Sydney-based media critic Geert Lovink, the Internet is being
closed off by corporations and governments intent on creating a business and
information environment free of dissent. Calling himself a radical media
pragmatist, Lovink envisions an Internet culture that goes beyond the
engineering culture that spawned it to bring humanities, user groups, social
movements, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), artists, and cultural
critics into the core of Internet development.

In Dark Fiber, Lovink combines aesthetic and ethical concerns and issues of
navigation and usability without ever losing sight of the cultural and
economic agendas of those who control hardware, software, content, design,
and delivery. He examines the unwarranted faith of the cyber-libertarians in
the ability of market forces to create a decentralized, accessible
communication system. He studies the inner dynamics of hackers' groups,
Internet activists, and artists, seeking to understand the social laws of
online life. Finally, he calls for the injection of political and economic
competence into the community of freedom-loving cyber-citizens, to wrest the
Internet from corporate and state control.

The topics of Dark Fiber include the erosion of email, bandwidth for all,
the rise and fall of dotcom mania, the fight for a public Internet time
standard, the strategies of Internet activists, the ups and down of
community networks, mailing list culture, and collaborative text filtering.
Stressing the importance of intercultural collaboration, Lovink includes
reports from Albania, where NGOs and artists use new media to combat the
country's poverty and isolation; from Taiwan, where the September 1999
earthquake highlighted the cultural politics of the Internet; and from
Delhi, where the Sarai new media center explores free software and the
digital commons.

Dark Fiber - Tracking Critical Internet Culture
Geert Lovink (The MIT Press- ISBN 0-262-12249-9, 7 x 9, 394 pp.
US$29.95/19.95 (CLOTH) http://mitpress.mit.edu/

Date:		 	3o September 2002
Location:  		De Waag / Theatrum Anatomicum
Start:        	17.00 o'clock
Entrance:        	Free
Responce:    	floor@waag.org
URL:         	http://www.waag.org
Contact:		Floor van Spaendonck (floor@waag.org)

Waag Society/ for old and new media
Nieuwmarkt 4
NL-1012 CR Amsterdam
t:+31-20-5579898   f:+31-20-5579880

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