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[Nettime-nl] Fw: Come Live In the USA!

> Dear Friend,
> Here's some exciting news about USA Opportunities....
> Every year, the US Department of State allocates 50 000 US Green Cards to
Qualifying Applicants from around the world. This is known as the Diversity
Immigrant Visa Lottery (which is more commonly referred to as the 'Green
Card Lottery').This Lottery was created by the US Congress to allow
applicants from low-immigration countries to legally live, work and study in
the USA as permanent US residents. This can be the easiest and most
inexpensive means of getting a US Green Card and even citizenship to the
> Each year thousands of people endure great hardships and some even die,
trying to enter the USA illegally. Since the tragic events of September
11th, the plight of illegal foreigners trying to enter or remain in the USA
has become more desperate than ever before, as US Immigration,
Border-Control and even the FBI aggressively hunt-down and deport these
unfortunate people.
> But right now YOU may have a unique opportunity to become a LEGAL US
RESIDENT - and enjoy all the benefits of living and working in the world's
most affluent and opportunity-rich country - the USA! All that needs to be
determined today is whether you would qualify for participation in the US
Green Card Lottery, and for you to then complete your on-line application.
> To receive FREE information on how to do this, and more details on the US
Green Card Lottery, simply click on the link below. Taking your first step
towards becoming a US resident or even a US Citizen, is literally just a
click away...
> http://www.bitsmart.com/usgreencard
> The US Department of State has announced that the 2002 US Green Card
Lottery Entry Dates will run from noon on Monday, 7th October 2002 to noon
on Wednesday, 6th November 2002. This is the narrow, one-month window during
which your 2002 Entry Form must be submitted in order to qualify. Please
don't hesitate or procrastinate with your application. There is a fair
amount to do prior to submission of your Entry Form, and the clock is now
ticking. Request your FREE, no obligation information now by clicking on
> http://www.bitsmart.com/usgreencard
> If you cannot access this link directly from your e-mail, then you can
copy (Control+C) and Paste (Control+V) this link into the Address Field of
your browser, of simply type in the address www.bitsmart.com/usgreencard.
> I'm sure that some readers of this e-mail may be skeptical of this
opportunity or have other questions rushing through their minds.
> 'Is this for real?'
> 'How exactly does the US Green Card Lottery work?'
> 'Do I qualify for entry?'
> And I'm certain plenty more ....
> Well, most of these questions have been asked a hundred times before. For
quick access to a Questions and Answers page, simply click on the following
> http://www.bitsmart.com/usquestions
> Please however, do not reply to this e-mail to ask questions, as you will
then automatically be removed from our database and cannot be re-subscribed
later on (please see 'Remove Instructions' below to unsubscribe to our
> Well, I've taken up enough of your valuable time. I hope you will take
advantage of this wonderful FREE information opportunity by clicking the
link below. Remember, US Green Card Lottery information will be e-mailed to
you FREE of charge, and you will under no obligation to buy or participate
in anything.
> http://www.bitsmart.com/usgreencard
> Best Wishes,
> John Curry
> Profile Information Services
> PS: You can forward this e-mail to family and friends you think might be
interested in this opportunity, but please identify the e-mail as being
forwarded by you. As wonderful as this opportunity is, please do not e-mail
a copy of this to people or parties that you do not personally know.
> NB: This e-mail is sent to you as a subscriber to our North America
Opportunities Database. This database is targeted at persons living outside
of the NAFTA countries (i.e. outside the USA, Canada and Mexico). If you do
not fall within this target group, then please see our Remove Instructions
below, and kindly accept our apologies.
> Your details were originally sourced as a subscriber to our global Direct
Response Database (DRD), or from publication of your e-mail address on the
worldwide web. Subscription to our DRD would have occurred through your
participation in an online or other direct response promotion, or the
purchase by you of a product or service online or via other direct response
promotion. Inclusion in our DRD or the DRD of an associated company, would
have been disclosed at the time of participation or purchase. All
information collected is for target marketing purposes only.
> Remove Instructions: If you would like to be removed from our North
America Opportunities Database (NAOD) or Direct Response Database (DRD) for
any reason whatsoever, then simply reply to this e-mail. To be removed from
only one of these databases, please include the capital letters NAOD or DRD
(according to the database from which you would like to be removed) in the
Subject Line of your reply e-mail. All other responses received will be
removed from BOTH databases, and once removed CANNOT be re-subscribed. This
is an automated process and replies to this e-mail address will not be
manually read.
> Please also note that should you request further information on the US
Green Card Lottery, then you will be subscribed to the response database of
the provider of that information, and you will then need to unsubscribe
directly with them.
> Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

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