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[Nettime-nl] STEIM Concert Announcement - Saturday 25th May 21.00

Saturday 25 May 21.00, STEIM

Because 2 are better than 1.
Anne La Berge and Netochka Nezvanova simply like to play.
[ and twice is better than once - WORM, Friday 24th May. Rotterdam ]

flute. electronics. noise.


Sven Hermann - accordion and electronics
Matthias Hettmer - electric bass and electronics

are playing the compositions:
\"Dindon\" by Marko Ciciliani 2001/2002
\"que le lieu\" by Antoine Beuger  2001

The platform \"Interzone perceptible\" — founded at the beginning of the year
2000 by Sven Hermann and Matthias Hettmer — takes its name from the
fictional place \"interzone\" in William s. Burroughs\' \"Naked Lunch\", a place
where the borderline between fiction and reality becomes blurred...
fluctuating perspectives. This way of thinking is the concept, the aesthetic
basis. \"Interzone perceptible\" define themselves through a constantly
broadening and changing field of activity, are therefore a kind of \"musical
chameleon\". \"Composed material\" is of equal importance as \"conceptional
improvisation\", \"performance\", \"music for silent films\", \"sound
installations\" and \"soundscapes\".

Marko Ciciliani
was born in 1970 in Zagreb (Croatia). He studied composition, music theory
and electronic music in New York, The Hague and Hamburg.
His music has been performed all over Europe and the Americas.
Characteristic of most of the recent compositions by Ciciliani is a high
amount of control that is given to the interpreters regarding the form of
the pieces and several aspects of its materials. Thereupon Ciciliani’s
experience with various collaborative projects in the fields of music,
theater and dance had as much an influence as his activities as a performer
and improvising musician.

Antoine Beuger 
was born in 1955 in Oosterhout [Netherlands]. From 1973 to 1978 he studied
composition with Ton de Leeuw at the Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam. His
works have been awarded several international prizes, e.g. at the X.
International Composers Seminar in Boswil / Switzerland [1991], at the Forum
Junger Komponisten of the WDR-Radio in Cologne / Germany [1992] and the 6th
International Kazimierz Serocke Composers Competition, Warsaw [1998].
Since 1996, Antoine Beuger teaches at the Staatliche Kunstakademie
Düsseldorf / Germany.

concert begins at 21.00.
ingang: utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, 1017 WK amsterdam
entree: 5 euro
reservations of tickets is not required.


Achtergracht 19
1017 WL Amsterdam
bel. 020 622 8690

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