Károly Tóth on Wed, 8 May 2002 13:33:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Z.G.F.S.J.F.F. - 07 may 2002 - voor mensen die ook waarschijnlijk ook milieuactivisten zijn met de draad ook kwijt

voor mensen die ook waarschijnlijk ook milieuactivisten zijn met de draad
ook kwijt


FROM YOUR Z.G.F.S.J.F.F. - 07 may 2002

beste list, ik heb net DE @plossing gevonden; ...in mijn mailbox
het komt dit keer gepresenteerd for you van: Global Cultural Embassy 2

de groeten,

karoly toth


hoi Nick,

waar gaat het over?

sorry, ik begrijp het niet helemal.
moet ik geld geven of ik krijg iets of ik ben uitgeloot?

ik krijg ineens een email geforward zonder enige komment. met een datumuit
2001: Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:37:03 +0100
moet ik gedachten lezen?

of komt dit rechtstreek van HEM? de uitgekozene, de messias? Of van de
aliens terug gebounced via een stargate met een wetenschappelijk
verantwoorde vertraging.

sorry kan je het even uitleggen waar dit over gaat?

ik krijg 1-4 mails per dag van ads van porno sites tot hoe ik snel geld kan

ik sta open voor alles wat verliching biedt van dit doormodderende
lijdensweg op aarde.
ook als het maar een vluggetje is.

grtnx k'roy

zero g artlab & cultural engineering rotterdam
Károly Tóth
zero g artlab rotterdam is an independent art-lab.
The lab is in an evolving process of exchage
with initiatives of individuals and institutions,
based on mutual sympathy.

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> From: nick lebeat [mailto:nicklebeat@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 2:10 PM
> To: blabla@flu01.com; karoly.toth@xs4all.nl
> Subject: Fwd: Global Cultural Embassy 2
> >From: "Betor" <betor@chello.nl>
> >To: "Niek van der Kleij" <nicklebeat@hotmail.com>
> >Subject: Global Cultural Embassy 2
> >Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:37:03 +0100
> >
> >Global Cultural Embassy.
> >
> >In times of  drastic social changes, we see many people
> struggle to have
> >their voice heard. Often, they find themselves in a
> dichotomy; on the one
> >hand, their collective situation in which their voice, when
> unified with
> >others, may be a great and influential voice. On the other
> hand, their
> >personal, individual situation, in which survival is
> paramount and there is
> >no question of joining forces with others. Art has always
> contributed to
> >the human imagination; it is a passive and emotional
> expression. Artists
> >can make invisible things tangible and silent things
> visible, whereby
> >discussion and consideration becomes more fruitful. Art,
> however, also
> >struggles with an insoluble dilemma. Firstly, there is the form of
> >expression whereby research and observation are the starting points.
> >Secondly, there is the necessity for an artist to find a
> feeding ground
> >where the liberal-social community both recognizes and
> identifies with art.
> >Experience gained from the all too familiar cultural
> exchange circuit and
> >inter-city ties, shows us that artists do not so much have a
> need for, but
> >more a natural urge towards direct communication, face to
> face. A situation
> >in which the artist, their mentors and their public
> supplement each other.
> >Many of them bring only their talent, creativity and
> character with them.
> >All human products are useful. The internet, for example,
> only plays a
> >marginal role in this.
> >Yes, it is a new tool, but it is not a new form of  communication.
> >The Global Cultural Embassy is a location where ideas and
> talents will be
> >supported so that both the idea and the artist can continue
> under their own
> >steam. The GCE does not think with the senses, but makes
> extra sensory
> >observations. It exposes shortcomings and displays harmony.
> GCE does not
> >see 'borders', only cultural grouping and integration
> streams. GCE promotes
> >the exchange of 'art'ificial intelligence.
> >The Global Cultural Embassy is an umbrella organization.
> It's structure has
> >been determined, it's characteristics are clear, the concept
> is virtually
> >ready. The participants are now active throughout the world
> changing the
> >virtual plan into reality. These are people who have
> scruples with regard
> >to their society and attempt to bring this to the fore.
> >
> >The Global Cultural Embassy stands for the re-socialisation
> of art with
> >itself.
> >
> >Activities which the Global Cultural Embassy develops and supports:
> >
> >Research in areas where cultural aspects overlap each other.
> Audio-visual
> >experience, multimedia perception, place and time dimensional
> >participation, pathic and telepathic projects.
> >
> >Media use, whereby the impact of electronic media and
> emotional media are
> >equalized.
> >
> >Social implications of cultural activities.
> >
> >Coordination of the process of opening borders.
> >
> >Workshops, education and presentation.
> >
> >Financial control based on silent partners.


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