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[Nettime-nl] Adapter | plugin // The L i g h t S u r g e o n s [Documentary // performance]

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Wednesday January 30th
presenting "the Light Surgeons" during the IFFR Sideshow at Off-corso

The Light Surgeons. http://www.thelightsurgeons.co.uk

APB [all points between] live performance

This is a live expressionistic exploded documentary, taking you on a journey across the social and political landscape that is America. Using a vast array of old and new technology the light surgeons roots in club culture become manifest as they mix live digital video, film, photography and audio tracks, projecting them into one seamless and dazzling progression of sounds and images that take you or a feature length trajectory through sound, music, narrative and light.

The initial performance was developed out of a recorded interview with a street philosopher, Rober Alan Weiser, who the Light Surgeons came across in Venice Beach LA. His rambling stories and anecdotes became the initial narrative anchor in this documentary journey and focused the performance around an exploration of the social and political state of America.

Spoken word is interwoven with soundtracks and dj sets, as film clips and slides are displayed and manipulated live, providing visual illustrations and counterpoints to the collage images. This means each performance produces different re mixes and cuts' of the film, sometimes radically different as various visual and musical improvised elements are inserted.


Off-corso, Kruiskade 22, Rotterdam


Doors open Main hall: 20.00pm
Start performance: 20.30pm
End performance: 22.30pm


1 Euro

+ + + NOTE + + +

The doors will be closed during the performance, it is possible to join the show between the 15 min break at 21.20pm.

More info at:
[under the "early evening" section]


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