Marja Oosterman on Wed, 19 Dec 2001 22:53:01 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-nl] Fw: Badtrans FBI

een digi strijd tegen terrorisme?

of digi terrorisme?

Virussen als deze beginnen in ieder geval op terrorisme te lijken.


At 17:58 19-12-2001 +0100, you wrote:
>FBI surveillance bonanza in BadTrans.B worm
>By <>Thomas C Greene in Washington
>Posted: 18/12/2001 at 05:51 GMT
>Millions of Outlook and Outlook Express users have been infected by the 
>BadTrans.B worm, which logs keystrokes in every open window and 
>periodically sends the log files to one of several e-mail dumps, 
>presumably for later retrieval by nosey hackers.
>Or Feds. According to 
><>a story from 
>, an ISP which hosts one of the e-mail dumps, MonkeyBrains, has 
>received a request from the FBI to turn over all the relevant log files.
>MonkeyBrains has instead turned the tables on the FBI by making part of 
>the database available to everyone on their Web site 
>If the story is true, then the FBI's intention is clear. They plan to 
>assemble the data and grep for various key words and names in hopes of 
>stumbling upon the passphrases of known and suspected evildoers. It's 
>Magic Lantern on steroids, and yet it's just a dumb accident -- but one 
>which could dump an absolute mother lode of otherwise forbidden data in 
>the Feds' laps.
>While it's inconceivable that the FBI could get a search warrant for such 
>a giant bonanza, there's nothing in the law which prevents the ISPs 
>concerned from turning over the spoils voluntarily.
>At press time, MonkeyBrains claimed to have logged 5,857,277 BadTrans 
>messages; and they host only one of a score of dumps.
>We've been unable to confirm the story due to temporal difficulties; but 
>we will be checking with DoJ flacks, MonkeyBrains and several other ISPs 
>believed to be hosting BadTrans mail dumps. We'll post a follow-up to this 
>intriguing story as soon as we get the straight dope. 
>Related Story
><>BadTrans virus bites 
>Windows users hard

We wensen u heel prettige feestdagen
en een goed 2002!
Met Euro's..
En gelukkig ook nog Nfl,
het fonds van St. NoPapers, digitale uitgeverS... virtualiter sedert 1988
uitgevers van o.a.

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