Leon Kuunders on Sun, 14 Oct 2001 22:27:01 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: Post-traumatische-post (Was: RE: [Nettime-nl] Microsoft under attack)

Anthrax en terrorisme???

Volgens Yahoo:
"``This is a very, very low risk to public health,'' Guinn said."

Volgens The Observer:
"'Making anthrax, on its own, isn't so difficult,' one senior US intelligence
source said. 'But it only begins to become effective as a biological weapon if
they can be made the right size to breathe in. If you can't get airborne
infectivity, you can't use it as a weapon. That is extremely difficult. There is
very little leeway. Most spores are either too big to be suspended in air, or too
small to lodge on the lining of the lungs.'"

Volgens Nandotimes:
"Malaysia's government pledged Sunday to prosecute anyone found responsible for an
anthrax-tainted letter apparently mailed from the Southeast Asian nation to a
Microsoft office in Nevada."

Maar uiteindelijk denk ik dat het volgende nog wel het dichtste bij de waarheid
"But Northern Arizona University researcher, Paul Keim, who also obtained a
sample, said the anthrax strain was a harmless one imported from the United States
and designed for use as a vaccine for cattle, the Daily Yomiuri newspaper
reported." - over een aanval met Anthrax door de 'Aum Supreme Truth cult' (sarin,
Tokyo, je weet wel).

Terrorisme? Nee.


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