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[Nettime-nl] SOLEX featured at Dutchsound.nl

Title: DSNL - October 2001

Solex featured at http://www.dutchsound.nl with audible tracklisting of her latest album, a column especially written by Solex and lots more.

Planet Solex (by MJR)

Some years ago, musician and second hand CD shop owner Elisabeth Esselink bought herself an eight-track cassette recorder and an ancient model sampler. Next, she gained inspiration from the cheapest CD's in her store - the so-called 'five guilders' department - sampling, looping and rearranging them into something totally new. She sent tapes to some recordlabels, taking down the addresses from her favourite records, not expecting much of it. But she got an enthusiastic call from Matador USA and Solex (named after a famous Dutch moped) was in business. In 1998 her debut Solex vs. The Hitmeister saw daylight. [read more on the DSNL website]

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