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[Nettime-nl] fw: Jewish Moslems Manifesto

[Volgend gedicht werd door een vriend van me geschreven in reactie op en
uitgedeeld tijdens de vredesmanifestatie in A'dam van zo. 30 sept jl. --

Jewish Moslems Manifesto

Jewish Moslems Sisters and Brothers say
Abolish all States And their Terrorism
Down with Capitalism Organized Religion And Organized Crime
The Messiah will not come
The Hidden Imam will stay in hiding
No Palestinian State
No Arab State at all
No State of Israel
No United States
No Afghanistan
No State at all will harbour Jewish Moslems

And First of All Down with the Kingdom of the Netherlands
No more of your boring Royal Weddings
No more of your tiresome Nationalist Peace-Movements
No more Preachers-Politicians
No more Little Brothers and their Little Terror
Jewish Moslems have all this World as their Enemy

Jewish Moslems Wouldn't live their lives Like You do
In front of the Screens In front of the Cameras In Hiding
Your Daily Life an Invisible War
You watch it
Some of you are Cheering
Some of you are Whining
Jewish Moslems Wouldn't cry for War Nor beg for Peace
Like You do

You will return to your Home, your Family, your Job And your
Holiday Flights
Jewish Moslems will desert from all creeds, classes and nations
Jewish Moslems are not addicted to Death
Jewish Moslems don't believe in Paradise
Jewish Moslems don't believe in Economy
Jewish Moslems don't believe themselves to be Jewish Moslems
Jewish Moslems don't exist
They have nothing to say
Like You

Individual Initiative - Amsterdam 9/30/2001

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