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[Nettime-nl] vragen voor nettime-nl'ers

From: "Eric Miller" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 3:33 PM
Subject: Nettime and study inquiry

Good evening,

Introductions first: I'm Eric Miller, I've been a participant on nettime-l
for a year or so now.  I haven't had as much time lately to participate as
I'd like, but I always make a point of reading what comes through on the

In the non-electronic world, though, I'm a digital media faculty member at
a couple of art colleges here in Oregon.  I'm in the process of applying
for a Fulbright scholarship, and I intend to propose a year of study in the
Netherlands.  I'm interested in getting a masters degree at  the Utrecht
School of the Arts, while studying Dutch digital culture and how it
reflects on the American understanding of the Internet.  I have a specific
interest in music/art education, so I'm hoping to build a proposal around

I'd like to ask for a few moments of your time to help me with some
informal advising, if you'd be so kind.

. are there any emerging art/music trends in the Netherlands that deserve
some study?

. do you know of any Dutch academics or professors involved in this general
field of study?

. I'd be particularly interested in working with people who are using
sound, motion, and interactivity within digital media in a
social/educational context.  In other words, who are using interactive
media for altruistic purposes, for educational uses, or are pushing the
boundaries of the medium outside of the for-profit sector.  Are you aware
of any projects or individuals that fit this general description?

. what current Dutch new media developments would you see value in formally

. are there any current trends in Dutch new media education that are unique
or unusual?  Especially any trends that aren't present in other
countries?  I'm interested in finding schools or programs that really "get"
the medium and would be a good case study for improving new media education
elsewhere in the world.

. are you familiar with the EMMA program at Utrecht?

If you're interested and would like some additional background, I've got a
rough proposal available that I could forward to you.

Thanks for your time and any thoughts you may have, it's much
appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from you.


## Eric Miller
## Squishymedia
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