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[Nettime-nl] Allan Steed's Resume

From: "Allan Steed" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 11:21 PM
Subject: Allan Steed's Resume Attached

> Friends,
> Thank you for taking a moment to review the attached
> resume.  Please consider me an applicant for any
> position you might have available in or around
> Amsterdam, NL.  Please forward the attached resume to
> any interested party at you discretion.
> Sincere Thanks,
> Allan Steed
> AEDigital Media Networks





06 18706541

 1996 - Present. AEDigital Media Networks, Seattle WA USA

Sole Proprietor.  Incl. network support for business and media production,
business development, project management, accounting and finance, contractor
supervision and training, promotion.

 1992 - 1996. CSE, Bellevue WA USA

Lead Network Tech.  Incl. design implement and maintain networks for
business clients, client relations and sales, employee supervision and

 1991 - 1992.  Novell Systems Corporation, Woods Cross UT USA

Systems Integration Support Technician.  Incl. product testing and customer


1988 - 1990.  University of Oregon, Eugene OR USA

B.S.  Physical Anthropology.  Incl. post graduate research and study.

1983 - 1988  University of Utah, SLC UT USA

B.A.  English.  Incl. general studies with emphasis on technical writing.

Certifications & Skills

1992 Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)

1996 Microsoft Certified Instructor (MSCI)

1998 Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP)

1998 Microsoft Windows Media Service Provider (WMSPP)

Proficiency in all aspects of Microsoft Windows Networking, Novell (to
3.12), Macintosh OS8-9x.

Experience in management and support of MS Office, MS Exchange, Pervasive
SQL (Btrieve), Seagate Crystal Reports, IIS Services, Windows Media, Real
Media, Shoutcast/Icecast, MPEG 1-4, Live A/V Media Distribution over IP,
Linux, BSD.


Rick Altenhofen.,  - Client

Chris Lamb.  Paragon Group, - Client

Roderick Hatfield.  Dzigafilmsyndicate, - Strategic

Outstanding Achievements
2000 - 2001  Black Ball Radio, Seattle WA USA

Station Manager.  Developed and managed internet/microradio (pirate)
integration, developed community based programming and outreach, evaded NAB
and FCC for 12 Months!

2000  B2-92, Belgrade / Seattle WA USA

Network Contributor.  Provided North American Internet relay mirror service
to B2-92 Free Radio during critical transition period.

1998 - 2000  HugeCaster.Com, Seattle WA USA

Founding Network Member.  Developed collaborative A/V streaming media
network with publicly accessible live content provisioning, and elective

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