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[Nettime-nl] p.sound [remix] CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION

++++++++++CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION+++++++++ 

p.sound [remix]

Initial sound samples were taken from porno films sound library CD.
Multilayered and
reprogrammed through various sound software using random algorhitmics
alongside others, they appears now as new soundscape. Copyleft three minute
version is ready to be used by other artists.

>>> listen [or get it] here in mp3 [1.4 mb]

>>> upload your remixes after Monday, July 9th 2001.

Live performance will take place at 14 . 07 . 2001 where *all contributions*
will be played in the new mix by DJ Paul Jay . LunchClub DeLuxe - festival
of lounge, live bands & electronics . Haarlem .

Recording of this live mix will be published on CD by [m.a.m.a.] under they
label egoboobits. Free copy of CD will be send to all contributors.

++++++++++feel free to forward ++++++++++

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