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[Nettime-nl] Swiss Police Urge Activists to Stay Away

Deze Yahoo/Reuters site heeft ook een prachtig
lijst met links (globalisering wat is dat eigenlijk):
van de Wereldbank en het IMF tot allerlei critici.


Swiss Police Urge Activists to Stay Away

By Vincent Fribault

CHUR, Switzerland (Reuters) - Swiss police urged even peaceful protesters
to stay away from the annual World Economic Forum business summit in 
this week for fear they could fuel violent anti-globalization clashes.

Hundreds of activists opposed to the increasingly intense integration of
global commerce have vowed to be on hand on Saturday to demonstrate
against the WEF annual meeting, which brings together the world's business
and political elite.

``There are peaceful demonstrators who are always welcome here. But on
Saturday there is a ban on demonstrations and therefore I call on peaceful
protesters not to come to Davos,'' Peter Aliesch, the head of police in
the Swiss canton of Grisons, told Reuters Video News.


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