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[Nettime-nl] nieuws over de europatrain

From: "hans" <>
To: "geert lovink" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2000 11:03 AM
Subject: remote cooperation

> Tuesday 29. August 2000 , 2 PM
> Dear friends and supporters
> Developments on   FAR - CLOSE
> there is some good news and some bad news.
> About 10 days ago, the interiors of the international carriages of the
> europartrain, which are placed at the container terminal in
> Leeuwarden/NL, were destroyed. The damage is estimated to be about
> 100.000 Dutch Guldens (about 43.000 Euro) and the culprits are not found
> yet. This development interrupted our time planning to such extent that
> the online live happening from the carriages in Leeuwarden is suspended.
> Yesterday the Polish artists arrived in the Netherlands and are ready to
> start preparing their installations. Also, the international artists
> arrived in Cracow/Poland. The Polish carriage is prepared as a media
> carriage with computers and four telephone lines. So, you can reach them
> online. 
> The catalogue production for our sixth catalogue 'europartrain in
> Poland'  is going full steam ahead. The content of the feature film
> about the journey of the europartrain through Europe will also reflect
> these negative treatments in the Netherlands which certainly will not
> show Holland in a positive light, internationally.
> Nevertheless, all the devastation in the Netherlands i.e. Dutch Railways
> damaging the train by repetitively sending out the negative letters to
> our international railway collaborators as well as the hooligan attack,
> can not stop the europartrain.
> We still have problems with our online connections in the train in
> Leeuwarden and our website still needs more adjusting. Any help or
> contribution for practically solving our problems is therefore most
> welcome (online connection Leeuwarden, chat box etc.). 
> Thanks for your support and we look forward to your response.
> greetings
> hans

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