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What is the influence of new, digital media on the traditional, creative
documentary? The possibilities of distributing moving images and sound
on-line are expanding quick as lightning and a growing number of people is
using the Internet. At the coming festival from 22 - 30 November, IDFA
intends to pay attention to the possibilities and effects of digital media
on the creative documentary film. This special programme - DOCS ONLINE -
will daily present digital documentary projects and enter into the debate,
asking questions like: Which interesting new applications are available?
How do documentary makers use the Internet? What is the role of the author
in on-line documentary projects and what is the role of an on-line
audience? What are challenging views on the use of the web as a platform
for documentaries?
It is the ambition of DOCS ONLINE to offer a survey to the IDFA audience,
with the aim to discuss the current status of the (creative) documentary
with renewed urgency. All this within the context of new media and the
changing technological environment we are in. During the festival, visitors
can look at the selected survey on a number of terminals. 

IDFA makes an appeal to filmmakers and organisations to submit proposals
for DOCS ONLINE. The editors are looking for interesting on-line
documentary projects and documentary filmmakers with a clear perception of
the use of digital media and the Internet. Organisations and broadcasting
networks that explore the infrastructure of the Web and use it as a
platform for documentaries can also respond. Go to the IDFA website for an
entry form.   HYPERLINK 
Deadline: 1 September

Research and editors: Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber (CUT-n-PASTE),
under the authority of IDFA. For more information: Carolien Euser &  Nathalie Faber 

DOCS ONLINE entry form: check out through

Carolien Euser
crossmedia producties

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