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[Nettime-nl] Dance Party Aug 18: Engage! Extreme Event

Dance Party Announcement 

Engage! Extreme Event  

Date: August 18, 22h - 06h 
Location: Ekko, Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3, Utrecht  
Fee: dfl 15   
Style: Drum 'n Bass, Jungle, BigBeat, Techno, Hiphop 

Celebrate the pleasures of global warming!  
Dance on a melting icerock, cool down in the desert  cafe 
lounge. Drown in rising sea levels. Featuring  tech-artistic 
environment, dance interventions,  cocktailbar, nonstop 
28k cinema and challenging  bites.   

Act: Human Beings (techno duo from Utrecht)
 DJ Line-up: Bonra, Flipjack, Djazzmin

Engage! organises this dance party as an upbeat to  the 
upcoming cultural season.  

Engage! Tactical Media is a political and cultural  medialab.
 We develop innovative interactive media productions,  
we stream video, we consult progressive  organizations 
on media strategies, and we collaborate  on 
technologically savvy cultural events. We work a  lot with 
non-profit organizations, such as  environmental 
organizations, cultural centers,  community media 
centers, as well as national  broadcasters and festivals.  
Our events and media productions take place on the  
edge of culture, political activism, technology and  media. 
We like to use cutting edge media technology  for 
idealistic goals, and we are empowered by the  conviction 
that new media, if used creatively and  innovatively, have 
the power to reach the people and  realize change. 

Global Warming - Hot Times Ahead 

Engage! is also setting up an independent media  center 
around the UN COP6 Climate Negotiations in  November 
2000 in The Hague, NL. 

| Engage! Tactical Media 
| Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3, 3513 BH Utrecht, NL
| phone: +31 30 2387516 fax: +31 30 2387517 (new!)

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