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[nettime-lat] "The dreams which lived in an artist soul continue to live in herworks."

The Argentine visual poet and web.artist Ana Maria Uribe passed away March
5, 2004.

Rio de Janeiro, March 28 th, 2004.

My Dear Poet Ana Maria,

Now that you are travelling in such unknown places, I think you must be very
happy. After all you always loved trips to outlandish places. I have with me
the postcard you sent last year from Java:

Reliefs of Borubudur Temple

Based on the inscription dated 842 AD, Casparis suggested that Borobudur was
one time a place for praying. Borobudur was built by Sanmaratungga in the
8th century, and belongs to Buddha Mahayana.
There was a long series of main reliefs at the first alley, either at the
main wall or at the inner side of Kutamara wall. Reliefs at the Kutamara
wall depicted Jataka's and Awadana's, a story of Buddha's life which
expressed as Bodhisatwa, due to his good deeds in the past.
( ).

It is very interesting to discover that this temple belongs to Buddha and
that the reliefs you sent me are a story of Buddha's life which expressed as
Bodhisatwa, due to his good deeds in the past.

I am sure that great part of your good deeds in the past are your works, so
that I have played a little bit with the postcard you sent me:, I wish you like!

"The dreams which  lived in your soul continue to live in your works."

Besos et cariños,



Hello all,

Visiting the wonderful works of  Ana Maria you are visiting her:

Ana Maria's site:

"The dreams which  lived in ANA MARIA URIBE's soul continue to live in her

Each time one browsers  her work Ana Maria will be alive again!
Let's do it!
It is just what differentiates poets and writers and artists ...

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