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hola de nuevo,

adjunto agudas reflexiones del troesma vonnegut.
lamento no enviarlo traducido [tendrán que confiar en que los algoritmos de
traducción de google no generen nuevos sentidos, son extremadamente
caprichosos, y a veces hasta te traducen lo contrario]

la interview de 'in these times' ["Kurt Vonnegut vs. !&#*@," February 17,
2003] se encuentra en:

versión en español:

By Kurt Vonnegut | 2.28.03
Dear Mr. Vonnegut,
The recent Kurt Vonnegut interview ("Kurt Vonnegut vs. !&#*@," February 17,
2003) has become the most popular story at inthesetimes.com, with hundreds
of readers expressing their opinions in the "comment" section. The interview
has also been translated and reprinted in Aftonbladet, Sweden's largest
daily newspaper, and La Jornada, Mexico's most respected daily newspaper. In
light of this response, Vonnegut has agreed, on an occasional basis, to
entertain readers' questions. If you would like to submit a question, write
to vonnegut@inthesetimes.com, and we'll pass along your question to him.


What genuinely motivates al-Qaeda to kill and self-destruct? The president
says, "They hate our freedoms-our freedom of religion, our freedom of
speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other,"
which surely is not what has been learned from the captives being held in
Guantanamo, or what he is told in his briefings. Why do the communications
industry and our elected politicians allow Bush to get away with such
nonsense? And how can there ever be peace, and even trust in our leaders, if
the American people aren't told the truth?

Peter Hoyt, Little Deer Island, Maine


Dear Mr. Hoyt,

One wishes that those who have taken over our federal government, and hence
the world, by means of a Mickey Mouse coup d'etat, and who have disconnected
all the burglar alarms prescribed by the Constitution, which is to say the
House and Senate and the Supreme Court and We the People, were truly
Christian. But as William Shakespeare told us long ago, "The devil can cite
Scripture for his purpose."

And what remains the best-kept secret from the Second World War, because it
is so embarrassing, is that Hitler was a Christian, and that his swastika
was a Christian cross made of axes, an apt symbol of a political party for
Christians of the working class. And there were simpler, unambiguous crosses
on all Hitler's tanks and planes.

Again: One wishes, for the sake of the whole planet, that the people in and
around the White House nowadays truly mean it when they say, "Forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us," and that they
respect as children of God the losers, the nobodies so loved by Jesus in the
Beatitudes, in His Sermon on the Mount: the poor in spirit, they that mourn,
the meek, the merciful, the peace makers and so on.

But such is obviously not the case. George W. Bush smirks and gloats
unmercifully as he boasts of his readiness to loose more than a hundred
cruise missiles, what I call "Timothy McVeighs," into the midst of the
general population of Iraq, nearly half of whom are children, little boys
and girls under the age of 15.

His domestic policies, whose viciousness is peewee in comparison with what
he is so eager to do to foreigners who don't look like him and talk like
him, who don't have names like his, nonetheless inflict pain on those
Americans of the sort enumerated in the Beatitudes, by depriving them of
decent health care and educations, and of food, shelter and clothing when
times are bad. It seems quite possible that his opinion of the American
people has been formed while watching the Jerry Springer Show, which is
Republican propaganda of the most pernicious kind.

But America was certainly hated all around the world long before this coup d
'etat. And we weren't hated, as George W. Bush would have it, because of our
liberty and justice for all. We are hated because our corporations have been
the principal deliverers and imposers of new technologies and economic
schemes that have wrecked the self-respect, the cultures of men, women and
children in so many other societies.

It's that simple.

What are we to do when confronted by such hatred? Respond to Code Red and
run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Keep in touch,
Kurt Vonnegut

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