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[nettime-lat] Re: ISEA2004 CALL for PROPOSALS #1: sub themes and large projects

hola lista,

aca estoy de regreso a "nettime-lat", espero que esta vez sea para
mas largo..pa ve! me suscribo porque me han pedido el favor de
reenviar esta info, espero no sea un cross posting.

empezaron ya a rodar o mejor a remar las convocatorias para ISEA2004
-code name- @SEA, porque sera en un ferry entre Tallin, capital de
estonia+ Helsinki + Stockholm!!

hago fwd de un email, primer mail, que ya pronto esperamos tener en
español, pero bueno, mientras para que no nos deje el barco y les
demos una buena dosis de produccion made in latinoamerica.


::::::Tapio Makela escribio:::
>hi guys,
>pay special attention to the www.koneisto.com collaboration of the event. AND
>the ferry clubbing.
>... Alejo, please post this to nettime Lat if you can...
>Stockholm - Tallinn - Helsinki August 14th - 22nd, 2004
>ISEA2004: The 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art
>CALL FOR PROPOSALS #1: sub themes and large projects
>Deadline: February 28th 2003.
>(Please note: If you want to submit a paper, a work to an
>exhibition, or any other project that does not require long-term
>arrangements and can manage with commonly available technologies,
>please submit by the August 15th, 2003 deadline.)
>new media art - media culture research - electronic music -
>art and science - cultural and social applications for new media -
>New media meets art, science, research, and popular culture at
>ISEA2004 in Stockholm - Tallinn - Helsinki. For the first time an
>event of this scale is being organised between three cities and on
>the ferry travelling between these three Baltic countries.
>International participants and local audiences attend thematic
>conferences, exhibitions, live performances, screenings, satellite
>events, concerts and clubs. Many events are also interfaced via
>television, radio, broadband Internet, and mobile networks making
>them available to the widest possible audience.
>We are encouraging: Socially, critically and ecologically engaging
>work; Networked projects that connect several sites; Projects that
>bring the creative media to the streets; Projects that are worn on or
>inside people; Context sensitive work in the museums; Projects that
>float, dock or sail; Screen based media as it appears in 2004; Sea
>Fair: technological gizmos for ferry travellers and future media
>archaeologists to discover; Bridges between club scenes and art
>venues; Most engaging works from performing arts that engage new
>media, users, and audiences; Networks to network
>Key themes for the event include:
>Networked experience (Stockholm)
>Wearable experience (Tallinn)
>Wireless experience (Helsinki)
>Histories of the new: media arts, media cultures, media technologies
>- all cities
>Additional themes include:
>Interfacing sound (in collaboration with Koneisto)
>Open source and software as culture (Helsinki)
>Critical interaction design (Helsinki)
>Geopolitics of media (Tallinn)
>We are currently inviting proposals for additional conference and
>exhibition sub themes, large projects, technically or logistically
>complicated projects, projects that require work on site, projects or
>research which require collaboration with a local community, company,
>or a research institute, ideas which transform the event itself,
>tools for interaction and interfacing the event to urban spaces, etc.
>We are envisaging that large projects may include, but not be
>limited to: theoretical or practical workshops, technically
>complicated installations, live acts that demand a lot of staging -
>thematic or technically unusually interfaced screenings - games or
>shared environments that influence the event structure - pre-events
>or post-events in relation to the above dates - remote participation -
>Our over all aim for ISEA2004 is to create an event which is
>thematically and critically coherent and provides new insight. You
>can suggest themes that link to those already suggested on the web
>site - http://www.isea2004.net/themes.html - or you can suggest an
>entirely new area which you feel is important to address in August
>Please note that ISEA2004 is a forum for artistic, academic, and
>culturally or socially relevant work that has not previously been
>presented in international forums (you may have showed/presented it
>in your local context).
>All submissions are done via our website using a web form and stored
>into a database. This procedure allows us to have the proposals
>reviewed by International Programme Committee (IPC) members. When you
>make a submission, it is recommended to that you choose a
>theme/city/genre - though especially in this first call we are also
>encouraging additional themes which you believe will be timely and
>relevant in late 2004.
>Are you an individual, or do you represent a group, organisation,
>research unit, a network, or a company? One of our aims is to provide
>various ways in which organisations and individuals will be
>introduced to one another before and during the event. The networking
>and social aspects of ISEA2004 are very important to us - so please
>suggest concepts, technologies or themes with this objective in mind.
>- -
>Why are we making the first call 16 months before the event?
>We want to enable you to propose challenging new work that requires
>time to produce and where our letter of acceptance may still assist
>you to secure partners or resources. We also want to be able to
>appropriately resource the presentation technology and network you
>with local collaborators if necessary. Ultimately we are interested
>in ensuring that ISEA2004 is a challenging and rewarding experience
>for its professional participants and multiple audiences!  To this
>end we are keen to work with you to ensure that projects are
>appropriately resourced and supported.
>E-mail responses: when you submit your proposal, you will receive an
>email providing you with a code, which will identify your proposal.
>You may login to your submission via a URL sent to you to modify the
>submission until the end of February. After that, you can only modify
>your personal or organisation data. If you need to talk to us about
>the proposal, please include this code in the subject line of your e-
>We very much look forward to hearing your ideas!
>Very best,
>Tapio Makela and Amanda McDonald Crowley
>e-mail: info@isea2004.net
>m-cult, centre for media culture in finland
>Exhibition: The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
>Conference: Media Centre Lume (University of Art and Design)
>Electronic music: Koneisto (Festival for electronic music and arts)
>Coordinator: CRAC, Creative Room for Art and Computing
>Conference: Kulturhuset and
>Royal University College of Fine Arts (Stockholm)
>Exhibition: Färgfabriken
>Electronic music: Fylkingen
>Coordinator + conference: Estonian Academy of Arts
>Conference venue: Eesti Kontsert Concert Hall
>Exhibition: Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia at The Art Museum
>of Estonia
>ISEA2004 is produced in collaboration with ISEA Inter-Society for the
>Electronic Arts

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