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[nettime-lat] War!! - Violence Online Festival - call for submissions

Violence Online Festival
Version 5.0
Call for submissions
to the subject <WAR!!>

Deadline 3 March 2003


Version 4.0 of Violence Online Festival
to be presented on occasion of
"New Media Nation - Festival of Festivals"
20-22 February Bratislava (Slovakia)
is not yet online,
Version 5.0 is already in preparation following provisionally soon

Version 5.0 will include a feature to the subject >War!!<

>>War belongs to the heaviest forms of violence.
Nearly any war is based on an insane idealogy constructed by insane people.

The phantom of a war in IRAK these days becomes more and more concrete and
more and more threatening.
The fear how the consequences for each single individual
could look like is far spreading in all parts of the world.

There is no question what the insane ideology is and who is the insane
constructor this time.
This is particularly good for the US administration and its leader,
but also for the IRAK and its leader.

The dimensions and consequences are unforeseeable as it is a dictated war,
dictated by a lonesome wolf against the rest of the world
mainly in order to protect personal/national economical interests
also against the rest of the world.

The feature  of WAR!! on Version 5.0 is meant as a contribution particularly
against the War in IRAK, but beyond that  - against any war, as - if this
war will really come or not-
there will be other wars taking place simultaneously and later, as well.<<


Dear artist,
please participate in this feature and express your solidarity with
all people who are against this war
by submitting one work of art in a digital format
reflecting war and violence.

Following digital formats are accepted:

1. URL (no size limit)
2. media files (size limit: a single art work may not exceed 1Mb)
2.1) webpage: HTML
2.2) text: plain email, .txt, .doc, .rtf
2.3) image: .jpg,.gif,.png (max. dimensions 800x600 pixels)
2.4) video/animation/movie:
   .mpeg, .mov (Quicktime), Flash .swf, Shockwave .dcr (max. dimensions
800x600 pixels)
2.5) sound: .mp3

Please use this entry form for submitting:

first name:

short bio (not more than 300 words in English)

URL (if net based)
  * - screen shot to be attached as .jpg (max 800x600 pixels)
Technology/type of media file
short description (not more than 300 words, in English)

I confirm that I hold all rights on the submitted work
and agree that it can be included in future versions of Violence Online
Festival, as well.


Please send your submission together with the media file(s) exclusively to

Deadline 3 March 2003.
Violence Online Festival


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