h.d.mabuse on Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:24:12 +0100 (CET)

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[nettime-lat] Call for Samples: Feed the Translocal Mixer

Dear people,

As a part of the \\ How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age\\, an 
exhibition organized by the Walker Art Center, The Re:combo collective is 
looking for audio files that represent the cities` noise echology: street 
noises, speech, free music, rumours.
All this pieces will be used on the *Tanslocal Mixer*, a new Flash-based 
project that uses sliders to allow participants to create
their own mix of world sounds-a kind of urban synth online, on the fly.

Please, send open sound files to translocalmix@manguebit.org.br with your 
informations (at least name, City and Country),
or get connected to http://opus.walkerart.org/ sign up, and upload directly 
to the Opus Software (Open Platform for Unlimited Signification)
by Raqs Media Collective, which is also part of the Translocations exhibition.

Grande abraco!
by Re:combo


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