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[nettime-lat] Cinematheque presents - Winter Streams!

10 January 2003

Cinematheque at MediaCentre
Le Musee di-visioniste
is happy to launch its first program for 2003,
streaming video works.

After the successful start in 2002 with "LMD Mediacentre Summer Festival",
Cinematheque continues its showcases of streaming media.

"Winter Streams" refers not only to winter in Europe
but also to human, psychological, emotional aspects
manifested in the presented art works in different ways.

*Stream* as a technological term refers to streaming media, 
and in the case of the show to different aspects of streaming video,
including interactive and animated components.
Most of the included works are developed as streaming applications
(Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime)
and represent not only analogue or digital videos
transformed into one of the streaming formats.

"Winter Streams" will be presented in two parts:
part I, opening 10 January 2003, including following 11 artists:

Marc Lafia (USA), Anette Weintraub (USA), 
Alvin Soon (Singapore),Sukaimi Sukri (Singapore), 
Irene Coremberg (Argentina), Patricia Erbelding (France),
Elia Alba (USA/Domenican Republic), 
Raphael Lyon (USA) and Andres Ingoglia (Argentina),
Michael Alstad (Canada), Vadim Bernard (France),

part II will go online at the end of February 2003,
including following artists
Michael Szpakowski (UK), Carla Della Beffa (Italy),
Judson Wright (USA), Emilie Pitoiset (France),
ERP (USA), Bulent Bas (Turkey),
Pascal Bruandet (France), Mona Vatamanu (Romania),
Gabriel Otero (Argentina), Elena Coloni (Italy)
Guillaume Dimanche (France)

This online exhibition is designed, created and curated by
Agricola de Cologne, director of Le Musee di-visioniste
and founder of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork.

Le Musee di-visioniste - 
the online museum based on a philosophical idea
Cinematheque - Mediacentre

Le Musee di-visioniste is a corporate member of


Cinematheque is designed and optimized for
DSL Internet connection
fast computer Pentium III 800 Mhz or better
or comparable MAC
VGA resolution 1024x768
following players/plug-ins are required
Flash6, Quicktime, Real, Shockwave

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