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[nettime-lat] The ADCV Launches its New Website


The Designers Association of the Community of Valencia (ADCV), Spain has completed a redesign of their web site that can be accessed at  The new site includes news from the world of design, a directory of designers in the Valencian Community, an agenda of design related events, design curiosities and links in the design sector.
The ADCV is a member of the Bureau of European Designers’ Associations (BEDA) and the Spanish Federation of Design Professionals Associations (FEADP) and seeks both national and international links within the world of design.  The web site of the ADCV is available in English to promote the Association’s activities internationally.
The ADCV web site is an essential source of information for designers who wish to be well informed about what is happening in the world of national and international design, the latest trends, competitions and events. The directory of designers published in the site provides information about the professional activities of the members of the ADCV and is a valuable resource through which to establish contact with designers based within the Valencian Community.  In the site you will also find a list of companies interested in design and who collaborate with the Association 
If you wish to know more about ADCV you can visit its website here:


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