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[nettime-lat] Mail Art sobre el derrame en galicia.

Call for Digital Mail Art about Galician Coast oil spill, deadline May 1,

The Galician coasts are once more suffering the effects of a black tide
caused on this occasion by the sinking of the oil tanker PRESTIGE. The
effects and extension of the catastrophe are impossible to measure. The
incompetent indifference of the regional and state authorities is evident.
The north-Atlantic and Cantabrian ecosistems are now running a serious risk.
Again, the world mail artists can express our aesthetic, ethic and political
commitment by taking part in this call open to everyone. The works received
will enter an exhibition at Aquis Celenis School in Caldas de Reis on the
day in commemoration of Galician Literature, next 17 May. We will try to
make of it a traveling exhibition.

The reception deadline is 1 May, 2003.
You can send your work (poem, prose, slogan, visual poem, image, decorated
mail envelope <sum>) in postcard format to this address:
36650 Caldas de Reis
Galiza  Spain

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