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[nettime-lat] December program

**December 2002 Program

>>The virtual team of
wishes all its visitors and friends a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!<<

In December the corporate members of
have following showcases

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA = Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

New in December!!
"Current Positions of French Netart"
a comprehensive collection of net based art works of more than 30 French

New in November!!
*Calin Man, media artist from Romania
received the "JavaArtist of the Year Award"

*Fundamental Patterns- Peripheral Basics"
online show including the solo presentation of Calin Man, the finalists of
the Competition 2002 and "Mandala" -young artist from the Philippines.

*Current Positions of Italian Netart"
26 artists are featured in this show

2. Violence Online Festival

Version 3.0 of Violence Online Festival is
online since 11 November 2002.
More than 180 artists from 30 countries reflecting the phenomenon of
violence in its variety, curated project by
Agricola de Cologne

Version 4.0 of Violence Online Festival is foreseen to go online in February

3. Le Musee di-visioniste
"Focus:x? - {self}_representation"
including four features:
"Mirror at the Bottom - artists portraiting themselves"
Coco Gordon (New York), Melissa Ulto (New York), Valerie Rose (Tampa,USA)

Focus:X?.... is a new type of curatorial work of realizing cross platform
projects in the framework of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork

In January 2003, edition 06 of "Featured Artists series" will go online
including Dan Norton, jimpunk, Patrick Simons, Nicolas Clauss and Daniel

4. Cinematheque
MediaCentre/le Musee di-visioniste

only running until beginning of January 2003! (but available online for
LMD MediaCentre Summer Festival
including streaming works of
Doron Golan (USA), Michael Bryntrupp (Germany), Christina McPhee (USA),
Tony Mestrovic (Croatia) Melissa Ulto (USA), Fernando Llanos (Mexico),
Seth Thompson (USA), Agricola de Cologne (Germany).

*The new program of streaming media applications, entitled
"Winter Streaming"
will go online in January 2003.

5. A Virtual Memorial -
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity

Featured project in December
*Just Positive!"
Four HIV positive artists from USA:
Michael Berube, Ian Moyer, Max Greenberg, Alex Aleixio
alternative access via:

Memorial for the Victims of AIDS
alternative access via:

6. New!!
Agricola TV, - Documentary Channel
currently streaming:
Interview  - Canal (a) Artenet
Argentine television with
Agricola de Cologne

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the experimental platform for art in Internet
is founded and created by Agricola de Cologne.
copyright © 2000-2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

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