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[nettime-lat] Bridges Call for Papers


  October 4-6, 2002

  The Banff Centre, Banff New Media Institute, & The University of Calgary
  in collaboration with the Annenberg Center for Communication at the
  University of Southern California.

  The first BRIDGES Consortium was held in 2001 in Los Angeles. It brought
  together artists, technologists, and scientists, top experts from
  educational, research and funding institutions and the private sector, to
  explore interdisciplinary collaboration between art, culture, science and
  technology.  At the BRIDGES II Consortium we plan to expand the
  cross-disciplinary realm to include social sciences and humanities
  researchers who are partners in culture and science collaboration.  This
  year, BRIDGES comes to Canada and will be held at the Banff New Media
  Institute.  We hope to make it a truly international event. 

  As well as a number of keynote speakers, we invite you to join BRIDGES II,
  either as the presenter of a paper or to participate in the consortium's
  scheduled discussions of collaboration as a form of knowledge and a set of
  skills to be identified, studied, and learned.  Through a number of
  different session formats, including break-out groups involving all
  consortium delegates, we wish to identify best practices, amplify
  and provide a means of communication for those engaged in the reality of
  collaborative research. Difference in work styles, priorities, language
  usage and invention, communication styles, educational principles,
  institutional frameworks, temperaments, and even fundamental values have
  potential to become either obstacles or stimulants to effective
  collaboration.  And creating with ever-more complex technology requires
  greater specialization as well as better collaboration between technicians
  and creators.  Issues of access are critical, as we look at international
  challenges and regional discrepancies.

  We welcome submissions of proposals for 20 minute papers for the following
  panels (suggested approaches are given in the questions following the
  titles, but proposed papers need not be restricted to these areas):

  Collaborative Methods: What can we learn from collaboration in science, in
  arts, in social sciences and humanities that we can apply across these
  disciplinary areas?  What can learn from studying the research process as
  much as the outcomes of research? 

  The Ethics of Collaboration: What are the ethics of collaboration between
  science and art?  Social sciences and art?  How can we ensure mutual
  respect?  How do projects shift depending on who is leading the research?

  Policy & Collaboration: What policies exist, are emerging, and are needed
  support collaboration?  What policies and practices do we need on the
  international front?  What assumptions and ideas lie behind institutional
  policies?  What are the implications for training the next generation of
  interdisciplinary researchers?  Who is excluded from policy making?  What
  are the incentives for young researchers and artists to collaborate?

  Collaboration & Gender: How is collaboration gendered?  Is it read as
  feminine?  How does it intrude on science hierarchy?  How does it intrude
  art hierarchy?  Who is blocked from leading projects? What are the biases
  surrounding this?

  Where Does Art & Science Collaboration fit in a period of Global Crisis &
  War: What examples can we draw from history?  What circumstances are
  different in today's historical moment?  How do developments in new
  technologies inflect our understanding and our experience of global crisis
  and war?

  Digital Archives & Databases for Collaboration: What are effective models
  for networks?  What are the access issues?  How do we understand virtual
  actual presence in the design of archives and/or databases?)

  We will also have two showcases: A festival of new media works or
  documentation AND a show and tell of tools that enable collaboration. 

          · 300-word abstracts for proposed papers 
          · one  page new media and tools descriptions, with URL's, should
  sent NO LATER THAN JULY 22,  2002 to: 

                              Sara Diamond & Susan Bennett 
                        Convenors, BRIDGES II 
                              c/o Janet Anderson
                        Banff New Media Institute 
                        The Banff Centre, Banff AB, T1L 1H5 
                        Phone: 1-403-762-6282 
                        Fax: 1-403-762-6665 

  For further information about BRIDGES II, contact Janet Anderson, Project
  Coordinator at the above contact information.

  For the results of BRIDGES I, please check our website at:
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