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[nettime-lat] open_digi_latino_party > julio 12 > BRADYS, BRIXTON, LONDON

open_digi latino digital night will happen July 12th from 8.30pm BST
till very late at BRADYS of BRIXTON, Electric Lane, London SW9. The
open_digi team along with the squat residents are working 24/7 to
prepare the main bar of this famous venue for its first opening in over
three years Should be one
awesome and memorable night, south london brixton style drifts even
futher south, down mexico way > and further south still > even up the

Partly due to the delay after expulsion from the commercial Dog Star
venue, the programme for the evening has built up extreme momentum. Not
only do we have plethora of projects, new and old from Arcangel
Constantini to demo, but also the
videoemail collection of Fernando Llanos 'mi video es su video' along with work from brian muckern in Montivideo and andres burbano in Columbia. Alongside
these, recently completed video documentaries of people's struggles in
Argentina this year, plus videos from Bolivia and Ecuador will also be
shown. There will also be opportunity to experience a very special
musical voyage, digital and analog up the AMAZON. 

Additional sounds will be selected from recent work of the nor-tec
collective of Tijuana and other digital latin american resident music

The full programme (so far) can be checked at


donation of £1 to party costs will be asked for on the door

the second BRADYS open_digi_party will take place August 2nd

open-digi is organized in conjunction with the residents of BRADYS,, OFFLINE and
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