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[nettime-lat] Privacy Lecture Series - Stephanie Perrin, April 16, 2002

[Hello, I would like to invite you to Stephanie Perrin's presentation on 
April 16th, as part of the Privacy Lecture Series. In this lecture 
Stephanie Perrin will give a first hand account of her work as a Chief 
Privacy Officer (CPO) in a commercial company, Montreal's Zero-Knowledge. 
Before joining the private sector, Stephanie was long active in the 
development of public policy. She is credited for much of the work behind 
Bill C-6, "The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document 
Act" (Privacy Act.) Read the abstract below for a summary of this lecture. 
Stephanie Perrin's presentation will conclude the Privacy Lecture Series 
which has been running since the Fall of 2000 . You can find an archive of 
the Series at <>. Hope to see you 
on April 16th. Ana Viseu]




Stephanie Perrin
Chief Privacy Officer
Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

140 St. George, Room 728
Faculty of Information Studies (building adjacent to Robarts Library)
University of Toronto

The lectures are free of charge and you do NOT have to register.


This lecture will bridge the sphere of privacy advocacy and its practical 
implementation in a networked, global and corporate world. Stephanie 
Perrin, Chief Privacy Officer of Zero-Knowledge Systems, will discuss the 
fundamental threat to privacy in a world that has said ‘yes’ to 
surveillance. She will then  provide the audience with a first hand account 
of the pragmatics of being a CPO, and will discuss some of the problems 
CPOs face daily. Stephanie will finalize by describing her work on 
international standards, and the common privacy problems that are being 
felt worldwide.


Formerly the Director of Privacy Policy for Industry Canada's Electronic 
Commerce Task Force, Stephanie Perrin manages Zero-Knowledge's public 
affairs activities and acts as the company's primary liaison to government 
and non-governmental organizations.

An internationally recognized expert in freedom of information and privacy 
issues, Stephanie was instrumental in developing Canada's privacy and 
cryptography policies for over fifteen years. For the past five years she 
led the legislative initiative at Industry Canada that resulted in the 
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, the 
electronic commerce privacy legislation that received Royal Assent on April 
13, 2000. She represented Canada internationally at the OECD Security and 
Privacy Committee and was responsible for developing domestic privacy 
policies in the context of new technologies, legislation, standards and 
public education.

To sign-up for the Privacy Lecture Series announcement email list please go 
to: <>

The Privacy Lecture Series is organized by Ana Viseu, a researcher 
currently working at the University of Toronto on her Ph.D. dissertation 
which focuses on the development and implementation of wearable computers. 
Her research interests include questions of privacy, social dimensions of 
technology, and the mutual adaptation processes between individuals and 
technology. Ana holds a Master's Degree in Interactive Communication from 
the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.

The Privacy Lecture Series is co-sponsored by the Knowledge Media Design 
Institute (KMDI) <> and the Information Policy 
Research Program (IPRP) <>.

For more info contact Ana Viseu <>

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