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[nettime-lat] I International Festival of Art, Science and Technology

I International Festival of Art, Science and Technology
>From 4th to 17th March, 2002
Madrid (Spain)

Cibervisión 02 ­ "Fluid Dynamics"
Conde Duque Cultural Centre

Concept and Direction: Karin Ohlenschläger and Luis Rico
Artists: Eugenia Balcells, Dominic Buttimore, Daniel Canogar, Chris
Cunningham, Ursula Damm, Hans Diebner, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Sachiko Kodama,
Thomas Kulessa, Donatella Landi, Golan Lewin, Roberto López-Gulliver, Rafael
Lozano-Hemmer, Laurent Mignonneau, Sven Sahle, Agueda Simó, Karl Sims,
Christa Sommerer, Minako Takeno, Transnational Temps, UHF, Matthias Weber.

Performance by Circo Interior Bruto: 15th and 16th March, at 7.00 p.m. in
the Salón de Actos at  Conde Duque Cultural Centre

"Up-Date 02": German electronic art show, with a conference by Inke Arns
(co-curator of the display) at 8.00 p.m. on 14th March, at the
Goethe-Institut of Madrid, C/ Zurbaran 21.

New spaces for the artistic community.
(From 11th to 13th March)


WORKSHOP (From 11th to 15th March)
"Take the reins"

At Medialabmadrid Conde Duque Cultural Centre

Workshop Director: Daniel García Andújar, Technologies To The People
Partcipants: Walter van der Cruijsen (Amsterdam-Berlin-Liubliana), Thomax
Kaulmann (Berlin), Heath Bunting (Bristol-London), , David Casacuberta,
(Barcelona). Sebastián Luetger, (Berlín), Simon Worthington, (London), Eric
Kluitenberg, (Amsterdam) Dirk De Wit, (Brussels).


Organiced by The "Complutense Forum", Madrid Complutense University.
Hosted by Conde Duque Cultural Centre

The program covers the subject of "flows" from many different angles and
contexts, such as those relating to the physics of fluids, or the dynamics
of complex, self-organising systems; as well as from models of global
ecosystems, economics, energy and information flows or neuronal flows and
educational processes.

Director: Federico Morán
With the collaboration of: Fundación Banquete

Lynn Margullis, Dorian Sagan, Javier Echeverría, Mario Soares, Gabriel
Jackson, Guillermo de la Dehesa, Ricard Guerrero, Manuel Pimentel, Walter
Freeman, Antonio Escohotado, Dolores Romano, Peter Weibel y Otto E. Rössler

(detailed program on:

(27th February)
Information Technologies and Learning Processes: Networks and Flows
Director: José Luis Ripoll (Director General of the Airtel-Vodafone

(4th and 5th March)
Metropolitan Currents and Urban Flows
Director: Sebastián de la Rica Castedo (Director of Traffic Services).
Organisation: Department of Urban Mobility of the Madrid City Council.

(From 4th to 6th March)
A Changing World of Complex International Relations.
Director: Ramón Tamames (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Sponsorship: BP

(6th and 7th March)
Ecology and Globalisation: Monetary, Energy and Material Flows (as a prelude
to the new Earth Summit Rio +10).
Directors: Joaquín Nieto and Jorge Riechmann (ISTAS-CC.OO.)
Organisation: (ISTAS)

(8th March)
Education on the Net: Broadband Technology as a Differentiating Element
Director: María Jesús Pietro-Laffargue (Director General of the Fundación
Sponsorship: Fundación Madritel ­ Auna Cable

(From 11th to 13th March)
Fluid Dynamics: Complex, Self-Organising Systems,
Directors: José Vidal Beneyto (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and
Francisco Jarauta (University of Murcia).
Sponsorship: Goethe Foundation Spain.

(14th and 15th March)
Neuronal Flows, Motivity and Neuro-Inspired Robots
Director: Manuel G. Velarde (Pluridisciplinary Institute, UCM)
Free registration. Limited capacity.

Information and registration:
Fundación General de la Universidad Complutense
C/ Donoso Cortés, 65, 4ª Planta, 28015 Madrid
Tel.: 91 394 64 51. Fax: 91 394 63 97

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