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[nettime-lat] [pavu.com After Contemporary] Invent! Train! Walk!

dear friends and colleagues,
as Mars is entering 3rd millenium 2nd year 1st day, pavu.com grounds its
Most Venture :
[Invent] Join the pavu.com After Contemporary Most Venture!
1999 - pavu.com invents the plining technology.
http://pavu.com - the next route plining

 [Train] Styling the En-gArde
2001 - pavu.com opens the Pavu.com Institute for Talents Young to core and
transmit the knowledge to the international youth.
http://www.laPITY.com - the pavu.com Institute for Talents Young

[Walk] GNou Found Lands and International Solidarity
2000 - pavu.com grounds the GNou Found Lands and settles the first free
digital territory.
http://www.GNouFL.com - GNou Found Lands and International Solidarity

Get ready for the En-gArde !
join pavu.com After Contemporary Most Venture !
pavu.com After Contemporary
-/ Invent! Train! Walk! /-

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