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[nettime-lat] Privacy Lecture Series - EXTRA SESSION!!!


David Banisar will be in Toronto this week and we have asked him to speak 
at the Privacy Lecture Series. David has agreed to do so on WEDNESDAY, Oct 
31st at 4pm-5,30pm.

David Banisar is the deputy director of Privacy International, a human 
rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments 
and corporations, and is one of the founders of the Electronic Privacy 
Information Center (EPIC).

This lecture will focus on international developments in the field of 
privacy. David will speak about the changes that have been happening in the 
field of privacy accross the world, and will identify trends, discuss their 
origins and implications for Privacy.

Hope you can make it! Best. Ana]


WEDNESDAY, October 31, 2001
4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

"International Developments in Privacy: A Look at Current Trends"

David Banisar
Deputy Director
Privacy International

140 St. George, Room 728
Faculty of Information Studies (building adjacent to Robarts Library)
University of Toronto


David Banisar is a Research Fellow at the Harvard Information 
Infrastructure Project at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard 
University and is also Deputy Director of Privacy International, an 
international human rights group based in London, UK. He also does 
consulting for various NGOs such as Consumers International, the Center for 
Media Education, and the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

Mr. Banisar works on freedom of information and privacy related issues 
including international developments, encryption, wiretapping, and new 
surveillance technologies. He was one of the founders of EPIC and was a 
Staff Counsel and Policy Director from 1994 until April 1999.

Previously, David Banisar worked for USACM, the ACM US Public Policy 
Office, Computer Professional for Socal Responsibility as a policy analyst 
and the Prince George's County, MD Public Defenders' Office as a law clerk.

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