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[nettime-lat] Premier: Eduardo Kac's "The Eighth Day" + Symposium

For Immediate Release

*Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001*

by Eduardo Kac
will have its world premier and invite public
debate at

Institute for Studies in the Arts, Tempe, Arizona

October 25 - November 2, 2001

*Lecture by the artist*
“Art, Ethics, and Biotechnology: 
The 8th Day and the Transgenic Art of Eduardo
(3 - 4 pm) Computing Commons Auditorium

*Opening Reception*
"The Eighth Day” an installation by Eduardo Kac
(4 - 5:30pm) Computing Commons Gallery

“The Eighth Day: Bioethics and Transgenics. A
Public Forum on the Art of Eduardo Kac”
(7:30 pm) Neeb Hall

Dan Collins
moderator. Associate Professor, School of Art,
Arizona State University 

Eduardo Kac
artist. Associate Professor of Art and
Technology, The School of the Art Institute of

Cristine Wang
Contributing Editor, NY Arts Magazine, Curator,
Re:Duchamp Exhibition, 49th Venice Biennial

Tanya Augsberg
Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State

Allen Rawls
scientist. Dept. of Biology, Arizona State

Joan McGregor
philosopher, Arizona State University 


Kac's most recent transgenic artwork, "The Eighth
Day," is presented by Institute for Studies in
the Arts, Tempe, from October 25 - November 2,

"The Eighth Day" provides the public with the
unique opportunity to experience a spectacular
ecology of green glowing creatures and thus to
critically reflect on the social and cultural
implications of biotechnology. "The Eighth Day"
brings together a biological robot (biobot)
linked to the Internet, GFP fish, GFP mice, GFP
amoeba and GFP plants, and video footage and
sound of the ebb and flow of moving water. 

In order to approach the transgenic ecology, the
viewer "walks on water." Gentle, recurring sounds
of waves emanate from four corners of the room.
In the center of this tranquil environment, a
fluorescent ecology of living creatures emerges.
The living creatures and the biobot are enclosed
in an environment under a ventilated, clear,
plexiglas dome, thus rendering dramatically
visible what it would be like if these creatures
would in fact coexist in the world at large. 

As a self-contained artificial ecological system
it resonates with the words in the title, which
add one day to the period of creation of the
world as narrated in the Judeo-Christian
Scriptures. All transgenic creatures in "The
Eighth Day" express the gene that produces green
fluorescent protein (GFP). By enabling local and
online participants to experience the environment
inside the dome from the point of view of the
biobot, "The Eighth Day" creates a context in
which participants can reflect on the meaning of
a transgenic ecology from a first-person


"The Eighth Day" was developed through a two-year
residency at the Institute for Studies in the
Arts, Arizona State University, Tempe. 

Eduardo Kac is represented by Julia Friedman
Gallery, Chicago. 

*All events are free*and held on the Arizona
State University campus.  A campus map can be
found at:


*For Further Information Contact*

Sheilah Britton
Institute for Studies in the Arts 

Dan Collins
Associate Professor, 
School of Art, Arizona State University
office: 480-965-8311

Eduardo Kac
Associate Professor of Art and Technology 
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
Phone: (312) 345-3567 E-mail:


best regards, cristine wang  mobile: 917.318.0081


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