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[nettime-lat] poesia en mexico, como comunicarse

alguien sabe como contactar a estos chanfles?
ni la page ni el mail parecen estar con vida
tante grazie

> (on-line and/or in situ)
> In homage to Philadelpho Menezes (1960-2000)
> 1. The VII Biennial will take place on October-November of
> 2001 and it will have as main headquarters Mexico City.
> 2. There will be able to participate artworks of poetic
> nature carried out in non objectuals supports: in/for
> Internet, computer art, virtual poetry, videopoetry and
> experimental video (American system), etc., which will be
> exhibited during the VII Biennial inaugural season and
> uploaded for their on-line circulation as virtual
> exhibition (except video), through the web site of the
> Biennial ones: and of
> concurrent links.
> Also, during the inaugural period live artworks will be
> presented: action-poetry, poetic performance and
> polypoetry, poetry and sound objects, visual music,
> ephemeral devices (installation, atmosphere), etc.
> Productions of experimental literature will also be
> accepted: impossible writings, generative-interactive
> texts, intercode and intersigns, digital creation, object-
> books and books of artist, mediatic and multimedia
> palimpsests etc. 
> 3. There for, a selection of the works will be shown, as
> well as samples of historiographical and commemorative
> character about the main movements of the experimental
> poetry in the XX century, which will be proposed and
> programmed with an advance of six months to the Biennial
> inauguration. 
> 4. The artworks of virtual-digital character (e-art) will
> be received through electronic mail, links to pages, or
> recorded in compact disc (CD ROM), ZIP or diskette,
> compress in Internet resolution (JPG). The reception of the
> works will be made through the following e-mail:
> 5. With regard to the poetical actions and performances,
> their authors will present the respective projects and
> escenographical requirements with date limit of August 20
> 2001; those from another country will have to cover their
> transport expenses by they own ways.
> 6. The proposals and artworks that are sent by traditional
> roads (snail mail) will have a date limit of September of
> 2001 and they will have to be sent to:
> Curators-coordinators
> P.O. Box 45-615 06020
> Mexico, D.F. MEXICO
> 7. It will be established a Selection Committee that will
> approve, in their case, the artworks on-line, live or
> experimental written projects that will be presented in the
> VII Biennial. 
> 8. For the first time in the Biennial one there will be
> given the experimental poetry prizes "Germán List
> Arzubide"and "Edgardo-Antonio Vigo", united with the
> existent one in Mexico "Raúl Renán", to the most relevants
> on-line, live and experimental written works , as well as
> honorary mentions.
> 9. During the inaugural season it will take place a
> colloquy-course on experimental poetry whose interventions
> will circulate through the Internet and they will be picked
> up in a memory. Also, there will be made the presentation
> by some of its authors of the anthology-
> encyclopedia "Experimental Poetry; Autonomous Wrintings for
> the New Millennium ", in printed versions and in CD ROM.
> 10. This VII Biennial assuming in the basic the objectives
> of the South Cultural Project, in continuity with the
> position made in previous Biennials of the topic: "Sud-Aca/
> South-here: the south in the north, the south here", in
> rejection of the racism, of the etnocide and the ecocide,
> as well as to exalt the
> resistance/transformation/regurgitation against/toward the
> political/cultural enslavement on the part of the global
> capital. 
> 11. The collaborations received for mail won't be returned
> and they will be incorporated to the archive of Poetry
> Vixual - Mexico / International, A.C. Mexico City, November
> of 2000 Mexican committee and international co-organizers

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