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[nettime-lat] "go_HOME" Live Webcast: Location One / Sarajevo Center

Please join us on

2PM EST / 8PM in Central Europe

For a Live Webcast Dinner + Discussion from:

Location One, New York & The Sarajevo Center for
Contemporary Arts in Bosnia + Herzegovina.

For "go_HOME", A Collaboration Between Bosnian
Artist Danica Dakic and Croatian Artist Sandra

There will be presentations by guests curators,
artists, theorists including Darko Fritz, Tina
LaPorta, Ann Snitow, and Cristine Wang.

Guest presentations include:

Darko Fritz : “The Future State of Balkania”

Tina LaPorta: 

Cristine Wang :
 “Defining Lines: <Breaking Down Borders>”

The Sunday dinner discussions, webcast live
through the new media center Location One in New
York and The Sarajevo Center for Contemporary
Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The themes of the
dinners will interweave an exploration of the
impact of the internet on culture and community.

Project Description:

In the four-month residency and online project
go_HOME, Bosnian artist Danica Dakic and Croatian
artist Sandra Sterle will explore physical,
cultural, and psychological dislocation and
strategies for rebuilding and renewal. In
September 2001, the artists, two women of
different ethnic backgrounds from the former
Yugoslavia who maintain homes and careers in both
West and East Europe, will relocate to New York
City to live together for four months in an
experimental home. Artist Marjetica Potr* from
Slovenia and artist Milica Tomi* with theorist
Branimir Stojanovi* from Serbia, will participate
in the project in September and December
respectively. The artists will utilize the
physical residence and their website*a virtual
home on the internet*as a haven for creating
video and photographic projects, and as a common
meeting ground for engaging the interested public
in dialogue around issues of migration, national
identity, technology, and globalization. 

The project will provide time and space for
highly personal reflection and artmaking as well
as public discussion from fresh perspectives not
often heard in the United States. The go_HOME
website will feature photographic, video, and
sound works; recipes; a bibliography; texts from
the US and from Eastern Europe; a calendar of
events; chatrooms; and a guestbook. Each month,
the artists will invite artists, architects,
scholars, representatives from immigrant service
organizations, and neighbors for. The October
dinner discussion will be point-to-point
web-streamed with the Sarajevo Center for
Contemporary Arts’ media lab.
Go_HOME is co-directed by Fritzie Brown and
curator Katherine Carl. 

Locations and Dates:

Go_HOME will take place in New York City and
online from September 15, 2001 to December 31,

Sunday dinner discussions with special guests
will be held during the course of the project.
Each dinner will be webcast at 

starting at 2:00 pm US Eastern Time and 
8:00 pm Central European Time on the following

October 14  Women Who Move Too Much: Relocating
Culture, Reproducing Home

Go_HOME is an ArtsLink Special project funded by
the Animating Democracy Initiative, a program of
Americans for the Arts funded by the Ford
Foundation; the Trust for Mutual Understanding;
the Kettering Family Foundation; CEC
International Partners; and Franklin Furnace’s
“The Future of the Present” program. 

Press Contacts:  

Fritzie Brown: 
tel: 212.643.1985 x23 

Katherine Carl: 
tel: 718.398.0107 

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