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NEWS FROM BRASIL - ICTs for educational, personal,social and business


INSTITUTIONAL PROFILE: To provide greater public access to information and
communication technologies(ICTs)for educational, personal,social and
business development

MISSION STATEMENT: To implant Sustainable Community Telecenters in existing
Community Centers servicing low income communities , and supply information
and communication services at an affordable cost, to people who would
otherwise have little or no opportunity to use or to learn to use these

ACTIVITIES: Telecentros Brasil began operations in Brasil in October 2000.
Already 1 Research and Development(R&D) Sustainable Community Telecenter
(TCS) has been implanted in  Sao Paulo and more are planned for the state
of Sao Paulo this year.

In its fourth month of operation the R&D unit managed to achieve
sustainability..and with approx 500 paying users every week and with a
healthy waiting list..things look set to continue well. The TCS is fast
becoming an important center for the community   ...users,instructors,
administrators and  Community Center visitors are willing to  complete the
various questionaires that Telecentros Brasil are valuable
information about the community is being collected to help to improve the
social and economic impact of the TCS service.

The R&D unit also provides the model to replicate the process in other
states throughout Brasil. Each TCS will be equipped with 12 new PCs ( 1
Server of 550 MHZ and 64K of RAM and 11 PCs of 500 MHZ and 32K of RAM),
2  new Inkjet Printers, 1 new Fax Machine and 1 new scanner together with
computer desks and associated furniture. All equipment is provided fully
insured against theft and natural disasters. At present, the 3 Basic
Telecentros Brasil products are - a Basic Computer Course covering Word,
Windows, Excel and Internet 1; an Intermediate Course covering Internet 2,
Access, PowerPoint, Basic Coral Design and Front Page; and an Advanced
Course covering Web design, Advanced Coral Design, Illustrator and Photo
Shop. The 32 hour Basic course is spread over 2 months and runs 6 days a
week, 12 hours a day. Users pay a total of US$20 each, over a 2-month
period. The local University train the course instructors, 3 for each TCS.
The TCS allocate Sundays for emails, general internet access, studies,
online services etc.

Users receive a comprehensive manual and, those who successfully complete
the course/s, also receive a certificate issued and signed by Telecentros
Brasil and the local University. The certificate is valued both by users as
well as by potential employers.

New courses are constantly being sourced by Telecentros Brasil in order
that each TCS can offer a varied mix of courses to the community,(eg
administration, accountancy, cooperatives, construction, cooking,
cosmetics, hairdressing, marketing, reception,restaurant,security, etc)
which will be charged out at US$20 each.

The Telecentros Brasil  Job Opportunity Database is in the process of being
completed and alliances are being developed with various business and
professional associations to assist the TCS users in obtaining future

Telecentros Brasil have designed and developed its own Internet Portal(see which carries information on Education for
all ages, Business and Professional Courses, Health, Public Services, Human
Rights, Citizenship, the Environment, Jobs, Help Groups etc - all in

Telecentros Brasil personnel in conjunction with the local Universities
will advise and assist TCS Administrators. The latter will be responsible
for the success of each TCS's sustainable operation. A Telecentros Brasil
Operating Manual, an Instructors Manual, a Maintenance Manual  incorporate
all procedural aspects for the administration and management of the TCS,
together with recommended practices for the supply of value added services.

Work has already begun in a number of the other states to implement
Telecentros Amazonas, Telecentros Bahia, Telecentros Brasília, Telecentros
Paraná, Telecentros Rio Grande do Sul and Telecentros Santa Catarina; each
of the participating states to set up appropriate associations to implement
and manage the work of the TCS.

Meanwhile, Telecentros Brasil is now working with a  further 28 Community
Centers in the East side of  Sao Paulo....and is seeking to raise
$US707,280 (ie $US 25260 for each TCS) to instal a TCS in each of the 28
Community Centers.

Contact: Humberto Moreira, Executive Director, Telecentros Brasil
                  Rua Cardeal Arcoverde 1745 CJ 66B Pinheiros - Sao Paulo-
SP CEP 05407-002
                 Tel 11 3816 6070 Fax 11 3815 3861



ESTABLISHED in 1990 in the United Kingdom, Regency Foundation, is a
not-for-profit organization working with the United Nations and its agencies
( Regency is primarily a knowledge provider disseminating
information in developing countries and emerging market economies. Regency
recently produced a major publication entitled Telecommunications in Action
- in conjunction with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union, a UN
agency) - to raise awareness of the practical applications and benefits of
information and communication technologies (ICTs), and to encourage the
implementation of ICT related projects. This was followed by the
Telecommunications in Action Congress Program, a series of live and video
conferences in which senior representatives from Government, United Nations
agencies, the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, NGOs and the
private sector, examined and shared experiences concerning practical ICT
solutions in many fields including agriculture, commerce, education,
energy, environment, governance, health, manufacturing, social welfare,
tourism and transportation. Beginning in 2001 Regency Foundation has turned
much of its energies to putting the more practical applications and proven
experiences of modern information and communications applications into
action, in the service of low income peoples..... Hence the founding of
Telecentros Brasil.

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