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[nettime-lat] Hypertext01 busca autores

[[[Yo solo reenvio este texto, para cualquier consulta porfavor
contacta con  Deena Larsen <textra@chisp.net>]]]

Estamos buscando autores electrónicos para participar en dos talleres.

Los talleres tendrán lugar antes y después de la conferencia Hipertexto01
<http://www.ht01.org>. Para participar en cualquiera de ellos (o
en ambos),
por favor contacta con Deena Larsen <textra@chisp.net>.

1) El Quinto Taller de Escritores de Hipertexto. Este taller de un
día de
duración examinará la obra en curso de los autores participantes
y discutirá
los cambios que las nuevas tecnologías traen al ámbito de la escritura.
Trataremos acerca de las formas en que la escritura electrónica e
hipertextual se ha adaptado a estos cambios y cómo los ha aprovechado, y
propondremos nuevos caminos a explorar.

2) Cyberflats. Este taller de tres días de duración reunirá escritores y
programadores de sistemas hipermedia para trabajar juntos desarrollando
proyectos y resolviendo problemas específicos de software o proyectos de
escritura electrónica concretos.



5th Hypertext Writers' Workshop at HT01

This is in conjunction with the Hypertext 01 Conference in Aarhus,
Denmark (http://www.ht01.org)  August 15, 2001
More information at http://wordcircuits.com/htww/ht01.html

This workshop will bring a broad range of electronic writers and
artists, systems developers, content developers, and readers together
to discuss burning issues in new media writing.   Authors use new
media and hypermedia systems to explore, challenge, and play with
reader expectations. Yet these systems have changed rapidly and will
continue to change.  What is the message behind this morphing media?
What are we doing with the media and what are we trying to convey to
our readers and users?

Hypertext content and system developers need to  continually explore
the implications of changing media. The workshop will discuss ways
hypertext writing has adapted to and taken advantage of these changes,

and propose further explorations and changes.

The specific objectives of this workshop are to:

.  Promote and improve hyperliteracy and quality hypertext writing
(both fiction and nonfiction)

.   Be informed about new projects and techniques

. Examine hypertext writing, ask questions of the authors, and discuss

important "invisible" aspects such as structure, decision-making, and
technical details.

Writers learn new methods and new approaches, readers learn new facets

of hypertext writing, system developers find new applications and
approaches, and researchers find new avenues of research in literary
criticism, teaching, systems development, and more.

The writers' workshops at the HT conferences have brought new
participants and new dimensions each year.  Each year, this workshop
has sparked new collaborations and ways hypertext writers can work
together throughout the year, including the Electronic Literature
Organization <http://www.eliterature.org> (resources, chats and
workshops), Word Circuits--a web resource for writers

This year, the workshop will be held in conjunction with CyberFlats
<http://www.cs.aue.auc.dk/cyberflats>, August 19-22 in Denmark, a
workshop for writers and systems developers.  This  session will
provide working collaborations with changing technologies.

Audiences for these new works include users for new systems, readers
for new hypertext works, students in new classes, and activists for
new media literature.

Send your proposal by July 15 to textra@chisp.net.  Please include

Email and contact information:
Background in electronic media:
Interest in workshop:
Issues you would like to discuss:

Work in progress description, software and hardware requirements:


CyberFlats 2001 Workshop
August 19 Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark
August 20-22 Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark
More information at http://wordcircuits.com/htww/ht01.html


We are looking for a few electronic media writers, artists, and
developers to work together with hypermedia system developers to share

ideas and solve specific problems.  If you would like to collaborate
with an exciting, bleeding edge group, please provide a proposal
outlining a specific project (a narrow, focused problem to solve) or
offering your interests and insights to use a developer's system and

CyberFlats will be a chance for hypermedia system developers and
artists and writers to work together to provide development tools to
address hypermedia system needs. A maximum of 10 writers and10 system
developers will gather for a one day meeting August 19 right after
Hypertext 2001 at Aarhus University to discuss projects,
collaboration, and electronic media and hypermedia issues.  Developers

and artists and writers will work in small groups together for 2 -3
days (August 20 - 22)  at Aalborg University in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Please submit a description of your work and your goals for working
together by June 10. We will pair up groups so that you can discuss
and share work ahead of the meeting.


Writers will submit a work in progress with a detailed programming
problems relating to (open) hypermedia -- structures of different
kinds, behaviors of different kinds, integration / enabling of new
(legacy) applications. We are interested in integrating new tools
(such as a 3D modeling tool) to work within a hypermedia environment
and (depending on the nature of the tools) in enhancing integrated
tools to provide new and powerful hypermedia features .

System developers will determine which projects they would like to
work on, and will work with the writer to find ways to address these
problems. System developers will submit a short proposalon how they
will be able to help realize the development goals of the workshop.


Writers and Artists

Please submit a proposal to work on an electronic media works in
progress and to work on a specific problem.  Proposals will be judged
by the following criteria:

                     Problem is clearly defined
                     Problem can be solved
                     Work cannot be completed without addressing this

Proposals for works in progress should be submitted by June 10, 2001
and sent to cyberflats@cs.aue.auc.dk. Proposals should be contained in

the body of the email message and should contain:

                     Author's name(s) and affiliation(s).

                     Mailing address.

                     Name and email address of the primary contact for
the submission.

                     Work Description -- Describe the content and
philosophy behind the work. Discuss the navigational
techniques, overall structure, and framework for the work. How
will readers engage with this work? List the elements
in the work, such as sound, imagery, and text. What do
these elements add to the work and why do they need to
be  there?

                     Platform Description -- List all software used to
develop  the work. Describe the actual running and
publishing environment--will this be a work on the web? on a
disk? using what end software?

                     Problem Description -- Explain in detail the
specific, narrowly focused problem you
   would like to work on. Explain clearly what the
work should  do and how it should do it.

  This should be a miniature requirements paper. If you expect that
your work may involve special electrical, space, or network
resources, please describe these as clearly as possible in your
initial submission email. We will be sending additional details,  and
perhaps asking additional questions, once we have reviewed the

System Developer Proposals

           System developers should submit a brief statements of what
type  of resources that they can bring to the meeting to help
realize the developments goals of the workshop. Resources can be of
           different types:

                     Expert knowledge of the area.
                     Programming resources.

           Proposals from system developers should be submitted by June

10, 2001 and sent to cyberflats@cs.aue.auc.dk. Proposals should
be contained in the body of the email message and should

                     Proposer's name(s) and affiliation(s).
                     Mailing address.
                     Name and email address of the primary contact for
the  proposal.
                     Description of the resources that are brought to
the workshop and how they can help realize the development goals of
the workshop.

  Shortly after the submission deadline, the organizers will
match proposals from writers with resources from system
developers. The system developers will be involved in this process.


Come on over to explore the amazing possibilities in hypertext

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